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  1. u can one shot boss using legendary FM skill in lvl36 xD
  2. need more acc, hp and ap for tomb lvl50 probab instance bosses hp ill be more high than KR and JP BnS, ur crit chance is very good o/
  3. Yes 500 AP for Yet 4 man just 1 wipe i play 80 - 120 ms
  4. My BM has 478 AP im done Yet 4 man in guild party 490 , 520, 512 AP players Yet have easy mechanics just know how to play is batter than big atack power, 400 AP fine to run Yet 6 man. I see dead people in future Forgotten Tomb lvl50, Blast Furnace of Hell lol
  5. +1 but dont will start a new toon on new server x.x im almost Yet weap... i play from brazil 80ms - 100ms no Vpn use, is fine to run all 4 man instances.
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