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  1. i have the same problem where my friends list just does not show up and relog does not work on this.
  2. I fully agree with this. It feels like premium users are getting robbed when trove is on. i hope more people will say something about this. after all we do pay good money for premium not to mention the amount of money/gold that get's pumped into reaching max premium lvl.
  3. @Lelouch Lamperougie May i say you might be either not in a clan or in the wrong one ;) if a clan leader looks after his/her clan and lvl's it up there is plenty of perks that make being in a clan worth it. Think of things such as upgrade discounts on upgrading/breaking through weapons,reduced mail fees between clan members and other small things.But you say there need to be more options for regular members what do you have in mind ? as for the leader crown,this may just be me but i do notice people just react less to anything i may have to say especially new member
  4. @Lunakitty These are exactly the ''little things'' that we are missing as clan leaders. I have removed people by accident simply because as you say we can't be online 24/7 and these pour souls just happened to be there when i was not. and i agree what gives with these clan craft materials being N-coin shop only well for the great part anyways Thanks for the reply it is good to see i am not alone in these frustrations around clan leading :) Kind greetings.
  5. Ok so as clan leaders we already had to deal with the lack of managing options we actually have like keeping track of member activity. but now the mighty creators have also decided to take our crowns away in clan chat! When are clans and us as it's leaders going to get some love ? have we not been asking for a last online and other features that make clan leading life more easy? and now instead of giving us something they neutered us even more by taken our very symbol of leadership away. or am i just the only leader who feels this way :( hope i did not offend
  6. I noticed this as well when i was Lvl'ing an alt no idea what it is though at first i thought it was me. it helps if you cast or attack it will at least make the NPC names and your quest marks visible for a few seconds Also noticed this only on my alt when i go back to my main the problem is gone so could well be it is just happening in the starting area of the game.
  7. i got error 4049 again.. it was just a few days ago that this happened really got to go through this again!! i know the problem is not on my end and last time it took over 24 hours to even get back in the game.... i can only hope they fix it a bit faster this time :(
  8. yeah no tried that little trick as well but same problem does not get passed Compiling list of updates
  9. i always run it as administrator so that's not it either,The problem now is that we removed the game for Reinstall but we can't get past that download button :)
  10. i was just afraid it was something on my pc preventing download or messing with Game Guard yesterday. it is kinda nice to know i am not alone in this problem.
  11. it is as Misja said also tried taking down the firewall no luck.problems started for me since yesterday afternoon i went for lunch came back and Game Guard would not let me pass. so today i wanted to try Reinstall but no luck there either as i cant even access the download page after clicking on the download button.
  12. I have the same problem. No idea how to fix this though.
  13. Well,Hello there :) If you are reading this you are probably looking for a new clan. Dark Redemption is a new clan currently recruiting,Friendly,Helpful, and social players. No elite's here just friendly players. The idea is to have more experienced players help out less experienced or new players. Games are for fun and we all had to learn the ropes at some point. I want to create a clan where you can come online after work or school and feel like you came home in a way ;) at this point in time we are still in our baby shoes and ranking up and recruiting. As a clan leader I b
  14. Hey there I am a Lvl 50 HMlvl 5 Yun Forcemaster looking for an active and friendly English speaking PVE clan.(cerulean order) I have been with the game since it's release in EU/NA. I am very friendly and helping fellow guildies out and contributing to the guild are things I actually enjoy doing :D If I can help I will always help my motto is: We all had to learn and start somewhere. Feel free to inspect me in game. I know I currently do not have the top gear but I hope my friendly and helpful personality will make up for that. I Check forums and watch vid
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