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  1. July 20 Changes

    What about the seeds from silverfrost und the heavenly energy needed to transmute. If you can farm infinite seeds like said in the video then the players with the most energies saved up win. Why you do this, ncsoft? I have just used up all of my heavenly energies for Naryu tablets. How could i have known i would need them. Also there is no real way to farm them.
  2. If the server is in Frankfurt why is my ping so bad?

    ping is really important in this game as you can see in this video and more attack speed is also more fun
  3. Better as the B&S combat?

    gotta love the music (its from vindictus)
  4. Kinda Major bug

    The new Soul Shield from Infinity Tower doesn't appear in Character Stats(F2) but only in (P)rofile. It looks there is nothing equipped and the stats do not show either. Pls Fix.
  5. Best dps during sb buff

    Anyone know if normal ani cancel is worth it during Warlock's sb buff or is it better to just spam LMB for max dps?
  6. Verkufe noch 1-2 Hongmoon Kapseln. pm me
  7. Wts Hm-Pellet on [De]Bambusdorf. pm me