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  1. it might be the most useless ultimate here, even though if we can keep people in cc that long they would already be dead since people just do 1 hit to kill people, too much effort and the reward is just being at the same level as other classes. Well if only you grind enough to get 8 piece nova ss only then you start to make something until then you're either a glass cannon which doesn't work anymore since everyone has pvp weapon and ss nowadays or just playing stall which doesn't suit being an assassin!
  2. the logic is good but it's not that simple first of all the problem is not avarage elo , it's the items and as long as they don't fix items which they won't for sure nothing will change because players who doesnt even had one arena match in their life goes 6v6 to one shot people because it requires 0 brain to do that if you're not gold elo , there you need arm to handle anyway as i said the problem is whales who has good items but doesnt have any idea about pvp in silver/bronze tier
  3. that is the logic here anyway , more effort / risk = more reward. Noone can say playing lighting is easier than shadow but there is also a fact that if you're able to play lighting,the reward will be better as well. (bkz wind and fire kfm)
  4. being sin used to mean tech chase , tactic and effort , nowadays it's just 1 shot class as other classes. Well some people like this situation but i still believe fights would be much enjoyable if we don't 1 shot people but put some effort for it
  5. i am missing back old days as well since creativity was everything but to avoid more dissapointment in arena , you can do changes on pvp ss so it won't effect arena. With this way you also don't complain about 1 shot mine toss thing as well and yeah i don't like it either even though i have to use it to be effective
  6. i agree on that even though i am main sin here. There should be countdown before letting people attack each other since we don't have a good optimization for the game.
  7. even people with balefull has ascendant nowadays , it used to something while not all opponent team has ascendant but nowadays ,even this is not possible.Or if you dont have nova 8ss which is really hard for someone just started the game since people got it from the first week.
  8. you can't say lighting and shadow has same dmg , it's absurd.The only thing shadow is better than lighting is was burst and with the recent changes you do spam heartstab as dragon shadow sins as well so it's a gap close for you as well.Lighting is always better than shadow when it comes to sustain dmg that's why there is no need to buff light anymore.And with the previous changes they bring in-game macro so you won't suffer from ani-canceling it's gonna be braindead easy anyway
  9. that's a nice suggestion but people really do not understand that ncsoft wants to keep 6v6 as it is now. People with ego who pays a lot to gear mostly like one shot people and people will keep entering 6v6 without thinking twice about gear since it's the only way to farm moonstone.So simple math , ncsoft wants keep whales , whales wants one shoot people , low gear players wants that 150-200 point at least to farm moonstone slowly. This is the system and it's always will be like that
  10. pve is totally focused on heartstab i understand that but in 6v6 it's almost impossible for me to lock someone and do damage since there always more than at least 2 people to stop you for that.So sin's play style mostly based on web-ice-hit-escape-steal. At least maybe some changes or some badge buffs for bombard will help to make it fun
  11. i've seen that wallbang even in toi and it's quite common.That made me think ncwest want to keep that instead of fixing it and i was wondering since bots also use bugs. Wouldn't it be good to see how bot vs bot goes? There might be some tips about balancing with this way ?
  12. what do you want FM to be a god? it doesn't really matter if you slightly do more than normal in dgs or raids since most of them braindead contents but this game based on pvp and this dmg increase buff you want will make fm more broken and noone can defend fm like they are not broken as wl. Instead of dmg increase fm needs some skill rework to get nerf and specially about that wallbang
  13. simple as it is. I wonder if you really do 6v6 or enjoy it since i don't find it interesting as 1v1 with that much aoe combo ppl has , and with the last evasion nerf we go out of stealth even people just fart. So there left just keeping people annoyed till we die with some random skills.
  14. " Guys in SSP every mobs and NPC are targetable.If it is not allowed they woudnt targetable.Then dont be mad if I do that. " i definitely agree that and there is a reason why they call it open world and doesn't matter what farmers think about it.
  15. This is what it should be anyway , less risk less reward ! There is no tank-healer-dps thing here as many other classic mmorpg , every class here makes dps but some of them has extras when you compare other classes. Your dps never should be higher than kfm if they re tanking you and wasting their most of time with iframing and you just sit at 16m and dps freely
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