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  1. More alt friendly suggestions

    This is still the most alt unfriendly game I have ever played. Raising an alt is a painful grind. I'm on my 5th and I can't bring myself to finish. Just the thought of running yeti over and over to get the weapon that hardly ever drops now makes me a little sick.
  2. The Trove is a lie, there is no trove

    I agree. This was my point. I'm sure they have altered the RNG based on my experience after the first week. I did get moonstones, some old outfits, and other things that were useful so I'm not saying it was a complete waste. Just don't buy the 250 key package and expect the same experience you had the first week. Thus the comment of buyer beware....
  3. The Trove is a lie, there is no trove

    Don't remind me.... (cry)
  4. $800 this month in trove expansions and keys over 6 alts. Saw gems a plenty the first week on the first $100 in keys. Then something changed. $700 later not a single gem. The RNG is *cricket*ing broke. No heptagonals for me. The Trove is a bait and switch. Buyer beware.
  5. Soulstone Plains Keys

    Frustrating at times for ranged classed, frustrating at most times for melee classes. Wish they would provide other means to earn soulstones and moonstones regularly that didn't involve a mass of people in a laggy as hell zone with RNG for loot. Most boring, worthless part of this game. I'd rather run a dungeon 1000 times.
  6. Very valid suggestion. We use discord which works for those who are logged in. What I find though is that people ask first in clan chat and often forget to ask in discord. Also because some people share space where their computer is, they are not always in discord. Thanks!
  7. Sure. In other games I have played, when you join a clan all of your characters are associated with that clan rather than just one. Any new characters are automatically associated with the clan. With the limitation of # of players in a clan, ours does not allow alts (which makes sense). This would make the clan limitation specific to players rather than characters. I think this would also be an incentive for people to level additional characters. For instance: It would be nice if I could level my other toons and still see guild chat so when they are looking for groups I could bring the appropriate character. Like if I was working on my sin and someone needed a tank I could log on my BM. Does that make sense? Thank you
  8. <flame suit engage> It would be great if your account was linked to a clan rather than individual toons. For those of us who like to have multiple alts, and belong to larger clans, this would be of great benefit in keeping in contact with your clan. Just a suggestion.
  9. [suggestion] bosses at bases

    When the level cap is 50, isn't it silly that a level 50 player can wipe out an entire outpost single-handedly? This also makes it so there is no "safe" place to zone in as these players often camp places where they can attack players that zone in. In other games there are at least a few mobs that would be a challenge for capped players. These mobs could be placed near the zone-in points so that at least there would be a chance that you would not be killed instantly.