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  1. This is still the most alt unfriendly game I have ever played. Raising an alt is a painful grind. I'm on my 5th and I can't bring myself to finish. Just the thought of running yeti over and over to get the weapon that hardly ever drops now makes me a little sick.
  2. I agree. This was my point. I'm sure they have altered the RNG based on my experience after the first week. I did get moonstones, some old outfits, and other things that were useful so I'm not saying it was a complete waste. Just don't buy the 250 key package and expect the same experience you had the first week. Thus the comment of buyer beware....
  3. $800 this month in trove expansions and keys over 6 alts. Saw gems a plenty the first week on the first $100 in keys. Then something changed. $700 later not a single gem. The RNG is *cricket*ing broke. No heptagonals for me. The Trove is a bait and switch. Buyer beware.
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