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  1. There is no "make it sound". Anyone with half a brain will know that BD is straight up better than destroyer in every way (in a purely PVE standpoint). This really needs addressed. Destroyer is now utterly shafted in the PVE scene. We have the lowest damage, least utility and iframes, and have no reason to be picked over any other class in any PVE content. This PVE balance is almost a joke for destroyers
  2. Tower of Infinity needs work

    Should a newly dinged player expect to get all his asura and be ido soul shield pieces straight away? I wouldn't expect so, they would have more reasonable goals like yeti first etc. Why should tower be any different? The challenger soul shields are a reward, not a necessity, its not required or needed to do any of the current content, unless you want to start talking about doing 50+ floors in tower and need some crit def etc, in which case the challenger soul shields are quite nice in that regard. By looking at the boards, the only class that blatantly, in general, has it easier in the tower is summoners. Their top 50 is always remarkably higher floors on average than the other classes, and the only class that seems to have less floors on average in top 50 would be BM, rest seem very similar.
  3. Tower of Infinity needs work

    I'm sorry but for all the things that is wrong with this game, the Tower of Infinity is not one of them. If you have well over 550 ap and can't exceed floor 25, then I think you need to change your tactics a bit. The NPCs are not just target dummies for you to nuke down, you have to have some understanding of their classes, their abilities and how to play against them. This is also why "Trial Arena" i think its called, exists, but simply take the left door, instead of the right into tower of infinity. Practice in there against the different classes, try to get 3 stars stage 2 or even stage 3 on all the classes, then go try tower of infinity. If you never do much PVP then you will struggle in the tower, you need to know how to chain your cc's while still doing damage, and what to look out for on the other classes. Other than that, what do you expect? to clear all 100 floors? The tower is designed to need more gear the higher you go yes, as is almost anything. Although anyone with decent soul shields and around 600~ ish AP should be looking to at least get mid 30s on average. I saw a sub 600 Des do 40+, ofc probably had nice classes to face and good buffs to pick, but as is the RNG in the tower
  4. Do you even bother reading at all, before offering your so well thought out opinion? 1. There's no reasoning with someone completely leaching, being toxic, not contributing at all and just waiting for the loot windows to appear. 2. As long as you have basic common sense ( so rare its now a super power) its quite easy to see that parameters can be set to avoid vote to kick being abused, examples of which have already been said above, which already disprove your "point". 3. If you've ever played any other mmo, online vote to kick exists, and those pre set parameters already exist in those games, for a reason, a vote to kick is necessary in many situations.
  5. Server/routing issues (with graphs)

    Please refrain from any flaming in this thread, I'd rather not give them excuses to close it and better our chances at actually getting an official response that the issue is being looked into
  6. Server/routing issues (with graphs)

    Whatever their server problem is, it seems to vary during the day, and it seems to actually be worse in early afternoon until about 8 or 9pm. UK time that is. I will go from having constant ping, to sudden huge lag spikes every few seconds, this can happen for hours on end, while NOTHING ELSE LAGGS, pinging gives me a constant 27 ms, every single tick. whereas NCsofts server continues to give ms jumps of over 400 inbetween expected 45 ms ticks. NcSoft really NEED TO ADDRESS THIS ISSUE. I'm starting to not want to play at all, its beyond frustrating.
  7. Reasons "against" a vote kick like this are silly and unfounded. It is not hard to put in certain parameters to avoid situations such as this. After a dungeon is cleared? vote kick not usable. After a boss has been killed, unable to kick for 2 mins, until over ridden by not being able to kick while items are being auctioned. once auction has completed, vote kick is re activated. This can be done over and over for so many bad points people keep raising. This is the only mmorpg I've ever played that has lacked the online vote kick option. In the op's situation, it is extremely necessary, and I have ran into similar siutations multiple times. Someone just trolling, running along for the loot, does no dmg to trash or bosses. The only valid reason against vote to kick I've ever heard is stated above, the long loaders worrying about being kicked before they've even loaded into the dungeon. Again this could be treated with a, vote to kick is disabled within the first 3 minutes. If its taking you more than 3 mins to get into dungeon, well, I think you should stop using 90's technology. With sufficient parameters, there is no reason why there should not be an online player vote kick.
  8. Server/routing issues (with graphs)

    Ive had random DC's since I first started playing this game, once a day if not every other day so wasn't the worst thing in the world. Now after about a month and a half of playing with a relatively constant ping, all of a sudden I am getting as seen above, 200-400 ping spikes every few seconds. Even a simple tracert to their server shows ping: 45, 45, 45, 350, 45, 45, 275,etc. I cannot play, it's infuriating. Nothing has changed on my end, heck I was playing fine last night. My net working perfectly fine, everything else works, pings are normal to anything else I could think of to ping, bbc, google, any random site, constant pings, only ncsofts server gives this random jump. Want a mod to recognize this is a real problem!