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  1. For SB there is a party cooldown separate from standard cooldown. I believe it is 1 minute. When you're in group look at your cooldowns and you will see it.
  2. Warlock, same here. really a huge nuisance and why am i ranged class if i have to facetank most of the time to keep agro.
  3. I had a 4GB GTX 670. It ran BnS like crap, it also started to run other games like crap. For me its each Nvidia driver update performance steadily got worse, i said cricket it and their shady practices. I fired it and got an AMD card. All is well now.
  4. Yep hate this place. I have no real source of soulstones since our servers faction imbalance is terrible... and im on the wrong side... Sucks balls.
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