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  1. Two of these dropped in one loot roll one time... got it for 1c... Worst part is earlier in the day i paid 80s lol
  2. Hey guys, we really need the server transfer feature asap. My server is super dead and i need a transfer out of that dead server. This should happen soon before more peoples leave the game. i will pay you 1600 ncoin to move ty in advance.
  3. I be fighting junghado many times for this belt. Eventually he dropped it. You dont want to upgrade your belt right now anyway. Just get a scorpio belt man
  4. As a warlock myself, if i get a sin in the arena and they are not afk im toast. I generally am not good at arena pvp, so im sure thats part of it. But honestly the stealth and smoke counters, i can barely get a target. So i just stand there and give up. arena is crap anyway. Im only doing it right now to get some zen beans for a specific item them im done. Half to 3/4 tag matches are afk bots.
  5. Rukkirii, can you clarify that after today, when a weapon is evolved to silverfrost any gem slots opened with hammers will not be lost? Is that existing for the slots I opened way back? Or is that only with hammers used moving forward from today on?
  6. how many mushroom cap things do you need to get the nebula stone? Does nebula stone replace the breakthrough wep?
  7. Oh this is allowed now? Okay do we know when NCSoft is going to add it into the Client so i can just have a hotkey?
  8. Game FPS are all over the place. You just need to find a happy medium in the 20-70 FPS range. I have FreeSync monitor and it seems to help quite a bit in regards to large FPS fluctuations.
  9. Not sure why you people are not waiting until the 11th to upgrade?
  10. I got my first one in Naryu, im pretty sure.
  11. Well stop spending so much. But i hear you. Id much rather have a game like original L2 with a sub and no pay2win aspects, but we dont have that. Not sure if we will ever again.
  12. Um the same, Bartz yo. Played L2 for years, bought Aion and played for some months, it was cool but i didnt like the flying. Now im back on another ncsoft mmo. The korean ones are the only mmo i can get into. there is no lineage eternal so im playing this for a while. why you spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars? Thats really the question? I spent like 60-80$ bucks on trove. But thats far from hundreds...
  13. WTS Black Sun outfit. 200g or best offer. PM me offers! I'm on Juwol.
  14. ... i farmed both pirate coin and siren emblem. I am at True Pirate wep, True Siren Acc and have only used 20 Siren emblems and ZERO pirate coin. I only used the 20 siren emblems for the Hongmoon Fan. So ya i have like 68 emblem and like 45 coins sitting in my vault... So... Id say dont worry about it too much and play the game. Do each 24 man once per day and maybe the BSH 6 man. Youll have everything you need pretty quickly...
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