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  1. Tips

    It was the story, I finally beat him, now I just need the game to stop crashing on me so I can continue the story
  2. Tips

    Mushin is part of the story, I guess I can do a bunch of dailies to lvl up to 55
  3. Tips

    Anyone have tips on how to beat mushin in the seat of mushin room? Could use some tips to help. Am a lvl 45 warlock
  4. Auto close when in a battle

    Crashes even when I try to fight mushin, it frustrates me and makes me wanna quit blade and souls. Any one have any ideas how to fix it, I try file repair but it doesnt help. I really could use some help
  5. Auto close when in a battle

    Blade and souls auto closes on me when am in a battle or in a cave