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  1. What Are the Best Gems?

    AP diamond, +25 AP (sparkling pentagonal) before anything else. Even if it would be the only gem you can afford right now, definitely go with that one. Then that critdrain amethyst, 140 (sparkling pentagonal) is alright too, unless the 170 one is cheaper of course (not sure about that). 200 is a luxury if you have a cash to spare, but not outright necessary. In case you do have cash to spare, go for +35 AP diamond instead (AP diamond always comes before everything else as you benefit the most from those). Ruby (+200 additional dmg, +300 is again sort of luxury) is okay choice too, but if you have only 3 slots, maybe I would go for Peridot (sparkling pentagonal) instead (+90 crit and 3sec immunity on successful evasion every 30 seconds, crit buff stays on the whole 30 seconds after the gem procs), as a BD you rely a lot on crits in both, draw stance and normal stance, so any boost is going to be felt well. The 150+ crit variant (sparkling hexagonal) is a bit pricey, but well worth still. Unless you can play without getting hit once of course :P And if you have all slots opened, my own BD choice is Emerald for HP regen upon block and citrine for 110 extra dmg when enemy is knocked down/stunned. I know there's a version with (citrine) life drain, but didn't see it till now myself :( (that one drains HP when enemy knocked/stunned so way better choice, if you can find it). To sum it up: 1) AP diamond 2) Critdrain Amethyst 3-4) Critboost Peridot / AD Ruby 5) AD citrine (or critdrain citrine if you can) 6) HP regen Emerald
  2. Ken & Gen help

    Lunakitty: As a BD myself, I tried and failed hard. That river doesn't give that 99% dmg only once, but multiple times so unless you are able to cross that river in say, 2 seconds (only iframe that makes you move freely and having unlimited hits), then you are pretty much dead. Maybe I did something wrong? Can imagine assassin to use that flower of his, but for that he has to be at the other side before (which is doable) and not sure if that skill has some kind of time limit or not (aka if the flower mark can expire or is permanent).
  3. Ken & Gen help

    If they stun too fast (before you get pulled), you won't get pulled afterwards and doesn't matter "when" did you done the KD (whenever they are knocked down, they jump accross regardless of the number of stacks). Consequently, after wrecking a havoc, the (previously stunned boss) should return back to your side, unless the aggro is somehow switched (not sure about this though). From my point of view, you've done nothing wrong, the fault was on theirs side (unless you iframed that grab which doesn't seem to be the cause as you describe it), preventing the boss from doing the pull properly. When that happens, you really can't do anything to help them out (I think only WL can somehow get accross, not sure how myself tho).
  4. Should be Silver Deva/Warrior, yes. Besides that, all I can think about is Hujikar, Siren and Pirate boxes (storm siren and dark pirate eventually), but you are already past those. The next weapons come from Silverfrost area, but they are so overabundant, that you will find yourself lacking upgrade mats waaaay more often than the weapon needed for breakthrough/transform.
  5. Having trouble in Necro

    Kiting on the spot works the best for me. Though I play BD, still getting hit = getting rekt, getting grabbed (and that happens quite often once you step out of the red circle) = getting rekt. So as written above, charge (if possible with some kind of shield, or jump in + freeze/barrier) to avoid grab (btw, that grab has insanely long animation, so you can time your other invul Q/E or somethig else to counter it), and then run tight circles in the red circle lashing out dmg. The boss will "concentrate" at the location where you already aren't with his attack, and the mobs around doesn't really do any noticeable dmg (besides, with a few well aimed AoEs they will die rather quickly). Drinking potion ahead can help a lot, after you finish the pyre lord, there's usually enough time to sit down and eat dumpling before the core spawns and demons starts pouring in anyways. And absolutely agree with the range management. 14m is not the only valid distance :)
  6. New blade dancer?

    I truly played only BD myself, but maybe can toss in two cents from my own experience. First and foremost, your guess that BD and aerials are strong in party is wrong. They are useful when you need to buy time (Naksun and similar solo challenges when you wait for your skill to reuse), but in a party kicking the boss (or anything party is hitting) up will only earn you stream of curses. So ... either spec Take Flight to only deal dmg when used (without the knockup) or stay out of your F if you don't have 3 wind focuses/or are not in a draw stance. Makes things easier for everyone. As far as the cooperation with destroyer goes, I never encountered a problem. True, I only have double stun specced on 2 and almost never grab the boss unless I have mostly ranged party, because unlike destroyer you lift the mob "above" yourself ... which makes people around search for the hitboxes, wasting the precious time you try to buy by grabbing the boss in the first place. 25% def decrease for two seconds after you drop the boss (due to your attacks to the boss) is nice, but when ppl can't hit and replenish their focus, it doesn't weight over the damage dealt in comparsion when the boss would stay on the ground. As an ass saving thing it's great though, cause I only need to press 2 (doublestun) and lift the boss, while rushing away from the dead member/s so they can recover at peace, tanking him myself for some time. But that rarely happens as ppl knows what to do in the first place. BD as a tank .... well, not impossible, but probably not very comfortable for the party for the reasons I said above. While you can deal pretty decent DPS (draw stance takes huge lead), jumping around the boss like madman and turning him around has to be everything but pleasant experience for meeles (ranged doesn't care). When in draw stance, unless you have specced bladeguard, you can't block anything without directly using invul frames (Z,Q/E,SS) because it will make you drop the draw stance (Tab spin, X, V (when specced for invul). Otherwise I see my role in the party as a support CC (stun) and besides that, decent DPS source (sometimes I tear the boss off from even FM, but can be that FM is just slacking off). Tank if I have to and there's no other way works somehow as well. And very rarely, if there's no BM with HM block, you can spec Maelstrom for party protection for 2 seconds. Can help some, but sadly share the use block with BM HM block (which is unarguably better for PVE). PVP wise ... I think they don't really have proper counter class. Personally I don't do pvp much cause I suck at it (and high ping spikes are not helpful at all), but in general: You can spin = parry almost infinitely as long as you get hit, the focus returns back to you. Successful parry = stun = chance to knockup and do unescapable aerial combo, pick the target up before they can recover with 4 and unless they have escape grab specced, you can have your way with them (mostly). Everything can be parried, ranged attacks, shurikens, close-up attacks .... CCs as well. The timeframe is only 0,5sec from the start of the spin, but ppl who can handle this are truly pain in the ass for most of the classes I believe. Even with summoner, you can burst down what comes to your target first (if it's cat, it will make the rest of the fight easier for a good deal at least) and then take care of what's left (if something). On contrary, if your oponent aims for that small opening after the 0,5sec of the spin, you are probably a dead meat. Knowing other classes skills, amount of escapes/possible ccs and skills tied to them etc is a must though. Hope this helps.
  7. Monster effect

    I was struggling with the same thing at Naksun 15F (those ice circles on the ground when the ice drops were barely visible as a "glossed floor" only). Helped to uncheck optimize combat, set "apply to all" to 5, set everything else as you wanted (in my case to 1, only personal sfx and other's sfx I left at 3 I think), checked the optimize combat option again and Confirm. My effects included became more defined and visible and Naksun's as well (finally could see the borders and fit myself inbetween of them properly).
  8. Randomly Drop DRAW STANCE

    bump this .... full focus, V > basic stance the next hit (LMB/RMB mind you, nothing that should me kick there) immediately (with the same full focus) C > basic stance again, immediately after casting, pressing LMB/RMB ... at ironheart it means pretty much 100% chance to wipe, gg guess they consider it normal, after all, koreans are hardcore grinders ... or so (why not to make it even harder, yeah)
  9. Naksun - Blade Dancer

    I'm interested in different thing ... how did you made those ice circles seen? Or is it only EU utility that they can't be seen even at highest detail? I really wonder since in all videos I noticed them, but when I go up to 15f myself, there's barely a gloss on the floor (rather vague when you try to avoid them :/)