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  1. Why nerf Gunners?

    Questions.... 1. Why does everyone complain about Nerfs, Balances and changes on this forum when they aren't even the ones deciding upon them? 2. Why not wait for the changes to come out and test them before complaining? No there won't be an exception for NA region because gear, stats and skills have to be the same across all regions since this game i an "esport". So everyone calm down and lets see what these changes are really gonna be like. NOTE** Rumor has it that the "nerf" is more or less a damage shift O. O
  2. KFM Braclet and Weapon Not Buffed?

    Are you wind or fire?
  3. Variants of Amity Wings

    You do know that thing had no wings right? It was a land dragon (over grown lizard) lol
  4. Coming from a person that actually crafted said items on the old system, its alot cheaper now than it was then... Elysian orbs => yes yunsang may be pain and IF/EL are not always "Pug friendly" but what i've found is farming NF normal and NS normal yield ok amounts of orbs spend maybe an hour running NS/NF normal a day won't hurt and theres always auction house if you wanna complain/ be lazy. Rare Elements => With these we have quite a few ways to collect these and its aint that bad. They don't need to be trade-able it would be nice though. Every day run DT ~ NS normal or hard, whichever floats your goat and actively go after the promised loot chests and the crafting guild boxes that drop, you also get 1 of each from the dynamic and making keys shouldn't be a problem. If it is give up crafting.... Between the above mentioned ways to farm the "Problem" materials the rest are goods you'd earn from 6v6 and regular DC/dungeon running so the crafting is only a problem if you don't wanna do the content to get the materials. Heck on the old system it took you so long to craft a single charm where as with this system your minimum craft gives 3... and poeple still complain? :/
  5. Dungeon Chest...

    I've seen the 100g prize, i also only open the single box i get from the dynamic. I don't fight for the ones in boss loot and i don't do all the dungeons that drop them daily
  6. Wind/Flame KFM

    OK first off with VT gear both build do relatively the same amount of damage with wind being able to ramp damage pretty quickly and fire having more burst potential (FROM NEUTRAL STAND POINT). The DPS averages out since cyclone kick's boosted values over tiger strike compensate for the fact that you had to use 2 skills to actually get it up for use but with more gear its just down to 1 but still requires something to make it viable where as tiger strike is spammable (not advised for starting fights). Fire really has no chi problems if you know your skills and if you tanking, thats even more chi back for you since countering gives chi if something hits it, iframing gives chi back as well and with the Revelation mystic badge (must get for fire KFM before VT) upon every smite you can sink your finger into you tiger strike key and forget it for a while. Rotation flexibility comes from element knowledge, jumping targets really aren't a problem so long as you know where your gap closers are and you're not mindlessly spamming tiger strike into the wind. (KFM, imo is one of those classes you play based on the sound of you strikes along with who you,re hitting and your buff and skill cooldowns <-- visuals). Also alot of people say fire skills cannot be canceled, well its not as animation skipping as wind and it can't be or else it would be broken, but the time for a skill's animation can be halved if you know what skill to follow it with. Lastly its preference what ever you feel comfortable with is what you'll do more damage with and would make tanking (tank class) alot easier if you're not in you comfort zone with a boss throwing all hit shit at you, and you frig ups may equal team wipe its not point playing a build you don't like.
  7. Bloodshade Harbor

    The mask and the blindfold are in there the hair isn't hence why they aren't on the vendor. I personally have seen the blindfold and mask 3 times each since i was able to bloodshade (some time last year march)
  8. Moving the merchant

    This may be an adhoc (i think it appropriate for this) method for getting back to the vendor. 1. Kick kaari lord in the family jewels 2. Press ESC 3. Click "Escape" 4. Walk through portal PROFIT!!!!
  9. There is a high chance they may roll it back to how it was because solar and lunar eclipse were trove outfits which couldn't be sold, leaving them linked to white moon and black sun, effectively making them farmable, could ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ off people that spent money on that particular trove to get them but by default in other regions the outfits are linked.
  10. Skyrift or Pulse Mystic Badge

    1. For Wind KFM you USUALLY go baleful for the cyclcone dmg but the CDR on roaring tiger coupled with the Soul badge (blue) can work. 2. Out of the 2 badges the one that gives a Dmg boost to cyclone kick on successful comet strike seems to be you best bet. (SKyrift) 3. Depending on how you laydown your rotation you can prolly go with 1 cyclone inbetween each comet outside of burst (2rf4f4f2rf) 4. Im a fire player so feel im not the best to deliberate on wind o/
  11. BM or KFM

    Equal gear may be 1 thing but ping is another factor you have to look at. I play at 210m/s (ingame) and i can rip aggro off any BM so long as i can use my burst rotation after that, working tremor, counter and comet strike when they are of CD i hold aggro. im only at 705 AP before HM points Seraph s8
  12. new weapons after baleful/seraph.

    Using a mirror at s1 cost i think about 70-100 gold and gets more expensive as the weapon stage increases. For example I'm at s6 baleful and for me to use a mirror and get to seraph's its costing me 600g. As per specific information on the new weapons all i can say is that (from sources in other regions) they are weaker than raven by a sizable amount. But its not advised for you to do upgrades right now since costs are being reduced so just bank mats and gold till then. OuOb
  13. Southern Tiger outfit

    I spend about $20 for this trove and I've seen that about 6 times. I've also seen every other outfit but i only wanted 2, lunar and solar eclipse PS* i was hella lucky OuO
  14. Galaxy Weapon viable for PvE tanks?

    Thanks for the vid valiant. Have you tried it out in dungeons to see how it feels vs your HM legendary?
  15. So looking at the new weapons specs and what not i got a few questions: 1. This galaxy effect...any idea of what it is? 2. Does PvE content like bosses have crit rate and damage values that would be affected by increased crit def? 3. And to players with seraph's/baleful weapons, how do you think 'tanking' with the new pvp weapon (based on the values shown and if the first 2 questions check out ok) would compare to such action with baleful/seraph's? I also noticed on the first stream for beluga lagoon the 'Galaxy effect' was named the 'Storm effect' which may be this: but im not sure.... any feed back would be much appreciated.