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  1. It's your fault not READING or CHECK the package content.
  2. You know there are ton of peoples out there only buy product with GOOD REVIEW...help yourself to check out Amazon for minutes and you would understand..or go back to school for business 101.
  3. Wrong, it's helpful, value to peoples lurking forum for information before decide to play the game. Shit ton of folks playing this game just because world of mouth so it goes same for folks decide not to play this game. The OP didn't lose anything but sure NCsoft will get some negative effect from new comers.
  4. It doesn't apply to you nor casual player base, they need to match up the content to other regions for the World E-Sport purpose. Also, it attract more new comers that holding to play until they see full game released.
  5. I don't even think they will or consider to make it available to very minor players base that *cricket* everything in the vault.
  6. Did you fail to understand my statement? I meant I don't give a shit nor I'm gonna care about DPS metter.
  7. It doesn't matter to have DPS metter or not because folks already seeking their party member with ads like "Look for members with 440+ AP for X dungeon" OR "This is not a carying party you mkust have 440+ AP to join..."
  8. *For sure FM more fun than WL and much higher DPS overall. **FM have more tools, more builds to switch around if you bored with your current build. ***WL is fun cause cool animations, burst dps but long CD on most abilities and fun to gather as many mobs as you can and kill them all within seconds. ****IMO if WL has permanent pet that move around with you then it would be nicer but it won't happen LOL.
  9. You did it wrong, if you want to BUY GOLD only then you don't do anything, just watch the page that show 1:70 rate for example and buy that gold and you will pay your NC coin for that. If you want to sell YOUR OWN GOLD then you will need to set up how many gold to sell for how many NCoins(NC coin converted to Hongmoon coins when you sell your gold.
  10. Don't you notice my forum name...of course i don't play this game anymore but it doesn't stop me spreading the negative voice/comment to NEW COMERS so they can stop and think about their decision before wasting their time with this game!
  11. What do you meant? Do you think he will got ban over that picture? There are shit load players using not in game images for their character profile IN GAME. You just need to open your eyes a bit more....
  12. There in NO reason to buy anything from this game, over priced outfit and not even account bound, want to mail thing in game, you have to buy NC coins to unlock that feature, want more spaces to store outfit, you have to be active premium members as long you play this game to keep that feature open. You should stay at F2P until you find another game with better mangement.
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