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  1. Nice! I didn't know about it. Thanks :D
  2. Show Off your Gunner Preset

    The Hype!!! @Faline I'm digging the blonde but I'm also blue eye biased :p
  3. Please make shared wardrobe a thing?

    I feel like free wardrobe for all and shared wardrobe for premium would be the good compromise because let's face it, wardrobe is the only thing keeping premium going 😂😂
  4. Why is the Resealing Charm not a thing yet?

    Well if a specific region doesn't want to implement it maybe it should be taken out for that region 😑 Thats been there forever and I've been wondering if we'll ever get it.
  5. Fire traps are worthless

    I don't see why it's there at all tbh. I mean, why can't we just join and jump into the fight at any point? Its unnecessary and frustrating 😒
  6. Does this game still use Game Guard?

    If you check the Producers letter though it says they're looking for an alternate to gg so it's worth keeping an eye out :)
  7. If everyone keeps going group 1 the other groups will never get populated 😝✌️
  8. Did i miss something here? halp?

    New weapon progression. You don't get an evolvable weapon until silver frost. There should be a sticky for this 😝
  9. fraction contribution points

    You need to do faction dailies. You can see them only with uniform equipped and they'll be red on map. Do scorching sands a couple times to rank up to private and the rest will open up for you. Can't remember what point chapter 22 is 😂 Your level would give me a better idea about where you are ✌️ Basicaly just doing red faction dailies can rank you up.
  10. (Suggestions) change class

    I remember CN Getting instant 45 in the store for the new SF class at release. I remember the video slinging them into Mushins for a tutorial training introduction. Class change could work similar to learn class basics? Ckass change at Mushin and you can't progress anywhere until training? Would also work well with the new Boss practice training that'll be coming for us too :) Failing that I wouldn't mind an insta 45/50 for all classes either. But would love a class change! Tend to stick with and get attached with one character and after trying most classes I've just lost the will to re-level 😝 My old main FM who was end game before I came back is just gathering dust pixels now, it's such a shame after all the effort put into her 😒
  11. I saw that last night and OMG. Technomancer and Gunner, 10 out of 10 cannot wait.
  12. It would be nice if all weapons were account to be honest >.<
  13. I quit about that time too and just came back so... Same boat :D I started a new character from fresh personally because it had been so long and it was much more easy. Never get to ledgendary any time soon but my new char has overtaken my old one in half the time. They've made it a lot easier to close the gap and from my experience everyone has been super nice. When I start a dung I haven't done before then i just say and everyone is nice enough to teach me the mechs. It's the silent ones that make you wipe everyone gets mad at. I say jump back in and try it :D
  14. Brilliant! Much better times. I also have kids so fits the schedule 😂 Look out for the SF dropping a mail in game :D
  15. Please Help Me Create This Preset

    Had no trouble following it, these are the slider settings that were shown. There was no body info though so just tweak body to your preferences 😜 If the eye's look smaller it's because she was mid blink when I saved 😂