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  1. lol you funny, trying to talk smart but failed bad....You know this is a team work game right? in yeti if ppl fail to stun during jump or mess around with daze or KD instead of stun....it's wasting DB right? I can Iframe 5 times easily, but I wanna make sure that I stay alive with DB to do my part in the group. Also, why are we talking who is at fault here? All i suggested was to make an option to use gold for DB, it will give ppl more options. Next time try to think before you post feebleminded stuff on the web.
  2. Is anyone on Mushin from Vocaloids guild in TERA Tempest reach server? I though we create a new clan on BnS Mushin server. PM me so we can start a new guild here. ty
  3. well...i'm facing the lack of coin situation on my new alt. Been doing yeti for the soulshield, started with 120coins, now im left with 6.....tried to farm Naryu coins.....usually fails at minor (always enrages at 50% hp (lol...)). Tried to solo naryu first few bosses....took forever. I've the gold to buy Dragon Blood...but not the coins. Now I'm one of those ppl who's gonna get carried.....but I refuse to be so low.....So either I waste time farming coins or quite my alt...... can anyone enlighten me with the DB issue? The gold option will allow ppl like me to get DB h
  4. isnt summoner the only ranged class left ? Forget those ranged, I would say summoner as best alt....good at both pvp and pve :) help heal party, good utility.....best class in the game :) or you can go BM and spam that useless but cool looking flicker as a semi ranged melee class .....
  5. There were tons of ppl during the first 2 months of launch. In fact there where so many ppl that you'd wish there is a PK mode to pk those Kser lol.....game is empty now..... TBH the rate of ppl leaving > rate of ppl joining.....this game is so not newby frendly.....
  6. Been doing PuG instances for sometime now.....and i've noticed the incrementing amount of ppl who come into the dungeon without any sorta DB...ended up doing most of the runs carrying one or two of these ppl....I asked why...they replied that they ran outta coins and are too lazy to farm them. I actually agree, but instead of being lazy, I see no profit in farming redundant instances or dailies for coins, it's just a waste of time. is it possible that we get an "additional option" to use gold/silver/copper currency as a way of getting Dragon Blood?....that makes everyone happy.
  7. imo it depends....I've done 4man masts and some of the the other 4s silverfrost dungeons with one or two party members having AP of 460~482, and it went sooo smoothly that it was better than a group of ppl with 550++ AP. Their build + SKill rotation + mechanic knowledge > any AP you could buy. I've encountered so many ppl with 600AP only to lose aggro to ppl with 500~550 AP (yes they were the same class alright). I've seen buncha sins who spend half the time atking bosses unstealthed, WLs spamming SB buffs nearly at the sametime, FM's who never uses sheath and BMs who goes Light
  8. Ive never tried this, but for instances like yeti or Naryu lab (dungeons without the death flame), when I die in battle with the final boss, can I just return the spawn point and then run back to join the battle again? will it trigger some sorta mechanisms and cause wipe?
  9. lol yea, i agree that mats going down is good thing, ppl can actually afford to make alts, and new players can....some what.... catch up to veterans and enjoy endgame instances without being shunned on. But for investors......losing cash isn't something to be proud of lol.
  10. lol haven't you ppl realize the trend that if a game is designed (enchantment,upgrades, gear dependent, no cap on item stats and etc..) to be a p2w game, it doesnt matter how the Devs/Producers say it isnt p2w, the game is bound to eventually become p2w. Yes you can protest, but things won't change, because I'm pretty sure that the amount of protesters are the minority here. I'm certain the company's thought on the p2w protest is: Leave if you want, the company can live with out the tiny amount of unhappy players, since we have a storm load of wallet warriors to wipe our thingymajigi.....greed
  11. oh wow....that's sad. But thank you for the info. Dumping them asap ......
  12. Just invested in 200 Moonstone at 3.2g each....now its 3.15g lol. Did every1 just found a way to farm massive moonstones or every1 just swiped their wallet dry during the sales...... Waiting for them to go back to at least 5g......that may not happen T.T
  13. I ust upgraded to oath. I have 4soc before and 4soc after upgrade....lol either we are both lucky enough to land on a 4, or the truth is the RNG is between 4~6 or no RNG at all....good stuff.
  14. In PVE, FM IS intended for low skilled ppl. THis is a bit exaggerating, but I literally play my FM in 4s while watching The Walking Dead and drinking pepsi.....I certainly do that in 6s..... If you actually have a BM that uses flame build with full aggro build instead of the garbage lightning setup, FM should not take aggro even if the FM has 20 or so more AP. I also find KFM holds aggro better than BM. For Sin, dps depends on how long you stay in stealth, so you really have to manage timing on stealth for maxmum stealth period. And you also have to watch for AoE
  15. Hey all, I've done some search, and it's really confusing. Some posts stated that the soc after upgrade is still RNG, 1~6, while others said you stick with 2 or 1 soc, and a few said the amount is the same as before evolution. Can anyone who have upgraded from profane to oath please tell me which is true? thanks
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