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  1. 2 of the best sword skins IMO are: 1) the crafted Gold text "artisan" infernal illusion sword (with the twirling glow effect) 2) the Sturdy Glacial illusion sword from E.fleet arctic beast RNG box drop
  2. I guess Yun is sorta like a clan which is made up of women, be it adopted or mothered. Some Yun could reproduce with male from another race, and if the child is a dude, they give him away, and if the child is a gal, they form a strong bond?? lol....or they just have special reproduction powers like the Asari xD.
  3. How about you SA ppl band together and gather some cash and donate to NCwest for them to open up a dedicated server for SA. :) $$ is the new language these days.
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