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  1. No Riftwalk/Dawnforge to Raven conversion?

    I think it's supposed to be this patch. The Korean version they had Riftwalk/Dawn 1>6, and Rift/Dawn 6> Raven6, Raven 7>9 just from this patch alone.
  2. No Riftwalk/Dawnforge to Raven conversion?

    D: my Raven Dream.
  3. Hmm. Since the major problem here is the clan, it's quite hard to find the clan that can fit you, not to mention has enough man power + time investment into BT raid. I used to be on that side, where I had to change server 2 times simultaneously just to find the clan that fitted me. It did take sometime until I can guarantee the spot in the lineup of my current clan(Used to be alternative team, reserved spot for main team, reserved spot for practicing mechanics without reward- when I joined, my clan can only cleared 2 first bosses and since I was not in the lineup, I didnt have the reward from the first 2 bosses) . After two weeks, it paid off, I was in the main team, try hard the third boss for real, first time pass the boss, try hard the raven mechanic, study mech via video with them, analyze what and when to do this, do that, and at last, first time clearing raven with them. Yep, wonderful memory. And now, my clan is investing to the second team, right now is trying hard for the raven king. What we are aiming for is the third team. I could only say that you have to try to look for the place where you are accepted. There's always exists a clan out there that need you and you need them. P/s: the upcoming vortex gonna come with a nerf in black tower, make it more easier to have a PUGs run or low-requirement team, so I think you can find people easier.
  4. WOW, I don't want to drag this but just login to my account, just play the first daily dash, score into special price, and BOOM. ADVANCE TO FKING START THE 4TH TIME. WELLPLAY, Cant even move to other half of the roulette.
  5. I got premium, and 3 advanced start since update. Never seen the rest 3/4 of the dash. Yea.... Should remove or balance the reward. All goodie stuff is other side and we cant even get there. not to mention the reward from completing is not that good. May be needed to change to like the previous daily dash, where we can have event item like Lunar Pearl.
  6. R.I.P game play

    This is not related in Korea since Korea is a region-locked server, where you literally cannot play outside of Korea (you can if somehow you manage to get the HSSN or personal number, it's like passport number FYI, to register, I dont need to mention how important it is, do I ? ). Since the game mostly for Korea and Korean, Korea is not that big country so you can get low ping even from even the furthest from server. Yes, XML editing gonna be fixed soon, people just want IF NC can make the GCD slider like other game (for example, WOW). This is a new implement and NC has to write it, they cannot get it in Korea server since the Korea version doesn't have it (they don't need it btw). And if they make action, cool. If they don't, the game still runs as usual. Forum and ticket supporting was created for these bitching/requesting purpose, so why not? xD
  7. IDK why people with low pings is bitching about this suggestion. Yes, modifying XML file is violating ToS and it is really "hacking", but what these high ping players want is NC implies this system into "real" client but within limit range (90~300 value, so the low ping can't abuse and high ping player can "enjoy" the game as it should be). This is not Lower your ping, it just increases/decreases the time delay of putting the command of a next attack in queue before the previous attack executed. The funny part is that there is someone in this thread use robbing the bank as an example because it clearly off the point. High ping players are already handicapped compare to other people. Like if I am a disabled person, and there is a treatment for that, you cannot use it because you are a "normal" person with full functional body parts, so you bitching about the compensation why the disabled person can use the treatment where you cannot ? Like for fuk sake they want to be a disabled person. I'm not supporting the modifying XML file since it's clearly a hack and cheating. But I totally support if NC can make this into the game, so people can enjoy them from all around the world. Don't ask me or any high ping players to change server, since we CAN'T play at those. Cn, Kr, Jp as example because they usually have IP block or need to have HSSN or something to register, like passport number. We cant' speak their languages, too. My English is not that good either but I can use it to communicate, not totally shut down like Kr and Jp. Eng patch might be a temporary solution, but we cannot reach to high content where communicate is a MUST (BT raid, vortex blah blah). To conclude, I have experienced both high pings (350ms normal, 280ms with pingzapper stuff) and low ping (160 normal, 130 with pingzapper stuff) and it's really game breaking experience. My BD DPS increases like 20k with just low equipment (730 before the stratus update I think). Haven't test my DPS on high ping again with my current equipment (970 ish) but I'm sure the gap is even larger, I'm not using this XML thing since I don't know how and I don't want to get banned either, but yea, a BD with 30pings feel is really tempting.
  8. i have heard the SEA once will coming at July/August from Garena (also the one who currently runs Thailand server), but not sure tho.
  9. Balance of PvP and class

    you do know that you will conscious when you got damaged? It's not that imba (not to mention, nobody ever uses it).