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  1. About in-game ERP services

    One day i was looking through clan recruitment messages in forum and in game, and found out there are a couple of ERP (Erotic Role Playing) clans out there. First of all, what is this ERP? You might have heard/seen people talking like if they were their characters, either as a joke or like being in a play or movie. That is the base of RP, you are your character, you talk like he/she would talk in that time, location and situation. Some took this and turned it into something sexual. Guys prettending to be hot blondes hitting off with a big muscled guy who is just another random guy on the internet. Some females might be there too but that is the idea, you dont know who is behind that character and it doesnt matter. They wont know who you are, you just can fulfill your fantasies without anyone judging you because you are in a group with people who like the same things you do. Okay we got that... but... ERP services? Yes, in-game ERP services. Knowing some people like ERP but maybe they dont want to be doing it all the time and have a whole different clan that suits their gaming needs i found this idea. The basics (still to be polished) are this. You send a mail/pm/whatever to a "pimp" with the requeriments you want on your ERP mate/s. For example, i tell a "pimp" i want a tall, strong build, red headed gon who is concious about her body to save me from the pirates because im a weakling and want to be dominated by her and wants a strong feeling of immersion. The "pimp" will see if he have a character or knows someone in the buisness with a character like that and reply the message. In this example, the "pimp" accepts the request and tells the client. Once there is an agreement in time, place and date, the client heads to the date and the "pimp" will act as an NPC, selling him a hidden map for a pirate treasure (this is just an immersive way to charge the fee for this example). The client heads to where he is told in the "map" and start killing pirates (example: poh24 or around the area) when the requested Gon comes around and that is how they meet and move however things want to move. Sounds like too much hassle? It was just an example, you could also say "just gimme whichever Gon with the biggest knockers is avaiable, i dont care about pre-ERP, just want some kinky chat and lots of Gon dancing and bouncing". But isnt that....? Okay its a pretty way to say its in-game fictional prostitution. But the word prostitution is a bit harsh and also, remember that everything will happen in-game only, either chat and/or emotes/actions. No one will actually go to your house and have sex with you via this service. As far as i know, you can open different kind of shops (like art) as long as you dont charge real money and accept only in-game items. Thanks to the cross-server market, we can buy our own items from different servers to make it work like a cross-server trade (sadly gotta pay market comission), with this we can expand our buisness fruther by recluting people from any server. Notes: Pimp = Person who will interact with the client, is the only person who is allowed to break the ERP rules to be able to set the date with the client, fee negotiation, etc (unless the client states he doesnt want ERP and asks for whatever service he might need) Client = Person who asks for our service with a Pimp and pays the fee. Attendant = Person who will be doing ERP at all time as long as is with the customer on the stated time and date (if accidentally meet outside the place can make up some side-story when found out) unless the client states otherwise. Okay with the service itself explained i will move to the 2nd point of this post. This is a pre-recruitment, pre-advertising post but the most important thing is. Does anyone know if this would be against the rules? Of course, having a staff member to answer would be the best, but for those who actually read the terms of service and rules (because most of us just click we read them even if we dont), does it seem to be within the rules? There wont be any real money transaction, no real life pictures of anyone involved in the service, etc. Also, just like art shops, we will charge vie in-game items/money but its always buy at your own risk since NC wont have any way to check for this kind of trades (once again, just like art shops). About sexual content. We believe that if ERP clans are allowed, then we should also be allowed (at least for sexual matters) and since i havent seen ERP clans posts closed and/or banned in-game then they seem to be allowed. As soon as we get the green light, you can expect more of us.
  2. Mob Resetting

    I theoretically soloed a terror with my warlock. I was fighting with a friend if warlock can be considered a sub tank or not, to prove it, i went to solo terror while he watched me be a tank. Anyway, i was hitting it and tanking, to be honest it was quite hard since it was my 1st time trying it but after good 10 minutes i decided to look at his HP bar. He had recived only 20k dmg after 10 minutes lolwut?? I told my friend to keep an eye on his HP and it reseted a lot of times during 2 hours of tanking it. Things i tried and got reseted: 1: Lure it away from other enemies and then try to keep it in that place. 2: dont lure it, just hit it wherever he is and try to keep it there. 3: Wait till it starts walking near a wall and trap myself between the wall and terror to avoid getting pushed too far. I dont know a lot aobut terrors/bw so i tought maybe is not a reset and he got a healing skill. So i asked my friend to see if he the terror heals after doing something specific but no. It was just random resets. Most of the time i was snaring him while attacking which might be why it didnt look like he was reseted to walk back to his original spot before attacking again like it happens with other bosses, or maybe since it have a path in the map, it doesnt need to walk to his original spot because any area within his path is considered his spot. Anyway, after the math my friend told me i did around 5m+ dmg on the terror before my weapon got rekt.
  3. Ty, tought it would be nice to advertise my thanks to you here instead of PM. Anyway, i did a couple of changes here and there but very small things. Funny thing is how the whole face is pretty much the oposite i usually do to my characters (which is why i suck at it and dont make presets). About gon, i wanted her to be a gon for various reasons. If we go by official height, she isnt that tall but then again, most asian people are small so she somehow looks tall between other characters of the same franchise. And also... yeah lets just be honest, i wanna see Gon female outfits.
  4. Request: Female Gon Im aware there isnt a similar hairstyle.. but anyway, if you can try i'd appreciate it. Also, the character name (as seen on the image) is Kawakami Mai so you can look for more pics if you need or just tell me and ill try to find whichever angle/expression you need.