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  1. Ping in Xserver/arena

    Since this morning the latency in cross-server and arena has been unreal. It usually is ~20-50 higher than doing things local, but today it felt like 200 ms higher than usual, especially when you start trying to animation cancel. What is happening to toasters? Are they toasted?
  2. So this just started happening today, when I participate in Grand Harvest Square/ Blackwyrm where there are a lot of people in one area, my lag spikes up to nearly 1000ms and won't go down until I leave the area. I did internet speed test and checked bandwidth, everything is fine, I can still do dungeons and everything with low latency. Does anyone have any idea what is happening? This is really annoying and I wasn't able to find any relevant cases that is similar to my issue.
  3. Is it possible to

    Outfits were able to be sent in the opening days of BnS, but they quickly shut it down for unknown reasons.
  4. Fwoo is looking for active players to join our level 6 clan and build it up together. We do not have donation requirements (does any clan actually have that?) and we're friendly people that use Discord for voice chatting. We currently have ~10 people active daily and we're seeking new and old players. I am on everyday for a pretty long time so if you have any questions or need help you can always come to me. Our clan leader wears a my angel costume, I just feel like I should say that twice. My Ign is: Mejirotori Feel free to add me as a friend on BnS :D Looking forward for some new recruits. And lastly <3 poharan.
  5. 350 AP is quite low, but if they know how to run the dungeon I don't see why not let them run. There are new players and smurfs coming in with the warlock patch and not everyone have the gold to get to true siren 10 if they're not players that literally go on everyday. BnS might be pretty hardcore, but a lot of people actually have a life and have to work/study/socialize. I might not have the credit to say the sentence above since i have 427AP, but w/e
  6. REALLY picky players pt. 2

    6-man naryu does not have a picky attack power requirement imo, even though personally I am already at awakened pirate 10. The thing with dungeons is just that you gotta know what you're doing, the more attack power the better. having true profane 10 is probably the lowest acceptable for 6 mans though, since having an true infernal 10 at level 45 means you're probably just lazy af or you just hit the level cap. People do get salty/mad/tilted/pissed when someone has really crappy stats, but those are things on the surface that people can see, and people judge you with those stats because that's the only thing they can judge you on until you show them your skills. If you don't wanna get flamed by randoms and ruin your day, might as well upgrade your weapon soon, do some dailies get some more attack power, it's a win-win situation. But ignore these stupid people who flame you for your gear, no one upgrades their weapon in one day and no one knows how long you have been playing this game. They're just salty bastards.
  7. Some Questions that want answers xD

    So for #1 that you've asked about why kocking down or dazing (which I assume that you're a blade dancer using 1 or c during phantom grip) does not proc the join attack alert, it is simply because when bosses are phantom gripped (unless in some really weird scenarios that I don't remember), the bosses have their cc bar (the 2 small bars under their health bar) is white. When their cc bar is white, bosses resist any form of cc, so your cc that you use during phantom grip will be resisted. Basically don't put skill point in cc skills for phantom grip (which is 2 points on c, unless you need focus from the drain), because it is literally useless and you can put those skill point elsewhere for more damage or other cc skills that you might have. Remember, white bar = Don't cc