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  1. Are the EU login servers down?

    We can play a game. Is it down or not
  2. Will Dissolate Tomb even possible for NA people?

    This is the most true about BnS there is no true cooperation when you have direct competition in your own group tbh i'm surprised that things ware mostly civil by now and that i didn't met worse examples from some rather bad runs. But i doubt that even in game voice chat would do any good in regards to pugs (this is mostly for EU) when language is such barier sometimes. I met a lot of ppl on cross-server dungeon who treated it like their own server, there for using their language without not considering that half party don't understand a word etc. But most of those ware hardly helpfuly anyway and most likely just random cursing when shit hit the fan.
  3. So long, e-sport.

    You kinda missed the point and the point was that there is no competetive play when it comes to pvp or want to push it into esport coz you need large intrest for it to happen and ppl kinda lose intrest fast when you stumble on grind wall after grind wall. It wouldn't really matter that much but some classes are balanced around those HM skills meaning if you don't have it then you are playing with major disadvantage. There is reason why LoL, dota etc. are lets say successful on that field...
  4. Imo so far only dragon call/helix tome and soul shackle ones are really worth it. You are right 5k one is not that great and can be skiped quite easy. Other two are so-so and thats about it. But cost of those is rather ridiculous so it will take a while.
  5. Why I think the new ending is genius.

    Tbh single path its not that big issue i mean if their final decision was that then fine but for sure it could have been done better. Not really in sense that quality of story is that bad (i mean its mmo my expecations ware clear 0 ) but plot holes on every step on which i was stumbling wondering wot the cricket is happening. The fruther you get with story the worse its gets feels extremly rushed.
  6. Angler's watch server is doomed.

    You know how it goes: 'its not a bug its feature' when you cant fix something broken. Its the same in here its not a imbalance its feature
  7. Is there still a bot problem?

    Well since launch number of then sure did drop but in general they still alive and kicking. Most noticable ones to me ware those SSP camping meteor spwams and other crap but i saw only few of them actually grinding stuff. And there are those ssp speed hackers which are quite easy to spot while they are blinking trough map, some might say its just ppl with lag but thats not lag well maybe server lag coz it cant display character location right because they are moving too fast... And srlys why do bots on my block list still can send friend invite and not only that but spam me with that crap. If i dump someone on block list i for sure dont want to be friend with that person so would be nice if they fix that!
  8. Sundered Nexu and Heaven's Mandate OST

    When you find out about awsome background music on forum rather then in game coz its been muted for quite long time to stop rather annoying voice over of some mobs in some areas...
  9. Well only positive thing in this is that most time pvp part is totally optional one but 6v6 is worse as you actually need to win to get it done and that can happen only if you have decent gear and party that actually comunicates XD
  10. Late game dungeons melee-unfriendly?

    I have to say that its best to enjoy your class first before deciding anything else. I swaped from kfm to warlock coz i hit a wall regarding gear upgrade while i dont totally regret it, have to say that things are quite boring now. There is no thrill or anything just spam crap on max distance ,sure those purple dungeons force me to pay more attention and stuff so its not full boring but yeah...
  11. Merchant of Wonders +5 AP Peridot Gem?

    Merchant it self is rather rare sight to see but its even more rare to actually see something useful in his store. Most times things that i saw ware those exp charms and some other food etc. random junk that we had in last event. Only once saw him selling costumes and i got mask at that time. I will never buy those reset stones so was doing necro instead and what waste of time was that, totally not worth it out of 5 runs 1 spwam with random junk while instance it self is quite lenghty. Unfortunatelly only real alternative for me is Nexus but in terms of lenght that instance is close to necro if not even longer and you need decent party for it. So long story short this event will hardly do any major impact on broker prices or to actually help out bottom feeders.
  12. Considering that i saw that quite few times on multiple char i have to agree with op XD Usually i kill everything in my path as it seems to me that mobs simply have shorter aggro range the higher lvl you at least it feels that way so even if you stick close to high lvls its quite easy for low lvl to get aggro from straglers. Higher lvls have more skills unlocked and they will be faster for sure. Ever so often you get ppl that don't wait for anyone and will wipe whole party if they can with those cursed flames as that has happen to me often if i happen to lag behin. Only positive thing is that many ppl still run blackram so its not hard to find party at any time. But in general having certain dungeon as part of daily is actually bad thing 90% of time. Already explained why its bad for low lvl dungeons but its not that diffrent for high level dungeons as underlvl/gear ppl will want to do them just for daily and then hit the wall where nobody wants them in pt for obvious reason... Or things like Poharan or Mystery man where boss dies before you can even finish 1 rotation coz there are so many ppl around and your crappy geared char can't get loot XD
  13. BSH skill book

    Yes they do but drop rate as always is quite crappy except even less ppl now days do that each day so its even more rare to find someone selling it
  14. Warlock in SSP/against the big AOEs?

    Wise words said there. Tbh warlock was not my class of choice but was easier to handle then kfm coz off all sort of reasons. Regarding those achievements its not hard to farm them up but thats the problem you need to grind them away and the most retarded thing is that they are not account wide. And with all those dailys and stuff my log in time is usually the same routine which has gotten quite boring lately...
  15. Merchant of Wonders?

    Well yeah it might sound like that but its more that gap which has been created between old-new content. Basically you can get stuck really easy if you are playing casually as most ppl have said grind grind grind thats the way to progress other option is to spend money and buy gear if you are doing just normal dailys few instances each day then it will take months to catch up and by then new patch will be out ... And point was that now days ppl care only about progress and not the way they achieved it as in if they actually enjoyed doing that. But you are right about the part that some ppl want boost from those high geared partys which is getting back to care only about progress part. My kfm dont have that great gear unlike my warlock but i dont have problems finding groups for stuff that i can do like necro and frozen fang with auto match up. For sure other instances are not that hard but i don't want to bother doing it with team that have 0 communication.