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  1. They censored it because they know how sensitive people are in the west. lol Just look at what they did to a pose on an Overwatch character because someone complained it was too sexy for a game that children play, yet apparently you have to be mature to play Blade and Soul - so why would they censor outfits in case kids play? if they're promoting a required age? baffles me.
  2. I know how you feel. This game is also unplayable for me too. It kept crashing on the Grand Harvest boss and I got no loot because of it. It also does it for all the faction bosses, I can't even get any soulstones to upgrade because of it AND I am on the lowest settings. Optimized for combat, low resolution, CHARACTERS HIDDEN (ctrl + F) and I still crash. I'm on a decent PC as well. I play a Warlock, but I'm thinking of quitting it and playing a Blade Master, then if the lag doesn't get better, I'm gone.
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