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  1. lol one of the main reasons for when I quit, will be because of the community. All those players who refuse to reply, even when you're not asking for any help from them, a normal, social conversation is too hard for them or they're too unaware to notice and that'll be their own downfall since more of us are getting fed up, especially of rude, toxic players... If you're one of them, reading this right now, just know that you're part of the problem.
  2. Thank you but never mind, I tried it and my loading screens were just as long and they couldn't respond at times so I did a system restore. Never mind..
  3. Having the same problems and I'm getting 6-15 fps on boss fights in 6 man dungeons, as well as 2+ min loading screens, so long that people in the dungeon are waiting at the first boss like "where are you?" .... I hate this game, and technology in general.. :(
  4. Hi. I moved the NCSoft and NCWest files to my SSD, and I can't seem to find a way to start the game even after changing the registry in BaseDir. Does anybody know how I can start it? I tried client.exe and Launcher.exe but it won't work...
  5. My game's gone worse but my PC can't handle this game anyway since it's a 32 bit client, etc. File repairing right now after hitting 6-14 fps on Yeti 6 man :\
  6. TYPICAL Rip off move, don't bother with it. How disgraceful.
  7. Any word of it being enabled in an upcoming patch or anything?
  8. I don't mean to sound rude but that doesn't help, because whenever I tell me specs, people still can't help me and if my rig runs fine on other games then I don't intend on upgrading it any time soon for one game; BnS...
  9. I've tried everything to get more than 20 stable FPS. Sometimes I'm 40 fps in a dungeon then 10 fps in a certain room/on a boss. I've tried everything to avoid 10 fps / 1 fps crashes in combat. My AMD GPUC/CPU rig handles other games well except this because of how it's running on unreal engine 3 (or something like that) This is with characters hidden, optimized for combat and the lowest settings (1 on all) Is there something I'm missing? I will not Upgrade my GPU/CPU for one game alone. Overclock, already tried it. PC temp is fine etc. Unin
  10. The west version is even more slave-like and grindy than the other versions, oh wow. lol screw this ....
  11. So umm.. do you think we should stay true siren or try to get to true pirate? before this goes live
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