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  1. Just make F9 free, set ratio 0-100. What the stupid limits, why it need? When I go to market to buy tomatos seller can sell it me with any price and just I deceid buy it or not. Not some of goverment tell seller what price on tomatos he must set. We live under capitalism with free prices, not in a planned economy as in some kind of Russia
  2. Guys, can smb describe the effects in detail in the new legendary weapon?
  3. What the ... why you make this ranges? It was good, when you make min price, but since you make min price = 0, now making any ranges become stupidity. Make range 0-10 for 1g.
  4. Who knows more info about it? It is new game or some great upgrade for B'n'S?
  5. Yeahh, and give TOP Gear with character 50 lvl. Make me happy and make game mindless
  6. I didnt see summs with DPS 500k+ (but gunners, sins, BD, FM, WL, kfm I saw) I didnt see 1kkk+ summs in arena TOP, but I see many WL, KFM, Dest BD and other classes. What nefr you talking about? Your problems at the arena - just your problems not class problems. Learn to play for your class, fix your hands or legs (what you use to play - I dont know)
  7. They can not sell gold because it doestn need whales. Much of kk Orbs and moonstones from random boxes already supplyed whales to play several years. But make gold free is not good solve of problem If there much gold in game, ok.. need it spent - make upgrade for new equip more expencive, as it made in China (1000-10000g for each Stage)
  8. Players? PLAYERS?? Players have already decided that gold cost 1:2, without control "players" will sell gold "Pls buy my 23 gold for 20 Ncoins + 1000g for free"
  9. +1 Chat in F8 not working, market to.. an item after registration for sell dont appear in the sell-list
  10. Same problem.. can not logid after PIN code
  11. Your shop gives you enough money, thank your RNG boxes, that crash economy. Now you selling Elysian orbs... stop it, it idiocy, you really what to destroy the game market?
  12. Oil should cost at least 200-250g. And it necessary to increase amount Elysian orb in transmute recipe. I think 5 STS, 15 Elysian, 15 Evolve st - normal recipe.
  13. Tired of that... event a month ncwest can not stop that stupid river of money.. what next?? Treasure since 7.26 again and new boxes after that in august
  14. Do I get TOP gear if I finish story quest?
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