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  1. Returning player looking for advice

    Do you get the boost now or after the expansion launches?
  2. Blade Dancer

    So Im kinda new with Blade Dancer and I don't really trust the recommended builds in game, so I decided to search for something and I found this build: CLICK I've got a few questions: Can this build be used in PvP AND PvE? If not, can someone send me best PvE build? I'm not max lv yet, what skill to max first? Is it good? I also know that there is a PvP combo on blade dancer, im not sure what the skills are but its looks like it keeps an enemy in the air and finishes the combo with phantom grip. Can someone also explain this to me? That's quite a lot, but thanks if u had time to answer my questions. Have a nice day.
  3. Premium Membership

    Thanks for all the replies <3
  4. Hello. So I bought 1200 ncoins and wanted to buy premium membership. But now I'm thinking that it's not really worth 1200 ncoins I mean, for me it only gives nice sprint animation and 10% bonus exp. Isn't it better to buy something to alter an apperance of my weapon? Or costume (My Angel, heh)? What do you think?