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  1. Logged in just to post on here. remove it, its useless and is causing issues for people that it was never causing issues for
  2. Just posting on here to add my thoughts on the matter. I've had no issues with gameguard being on in the game until this time that it was turned on. The performance of my game has gone down the crapper this week, i'm getting crashes, errors and random dc's and it's because of gameguard. A friend of mine is in the same position as me, no issues with gameguard until now though we've both been in the same boat of wanting it to be permanently disabled because it's a piece of useless trash. My boyfriend has been having terrible issues in regards to gameguard basically since Tower was put
  3. We expect a company who gives a shit about the playerbase enough to acknowledge the problems existence. Considering a lot of people put money into the game and were able to play without issue until now, they're just meant to deal with it or move onto another game? This is disgusting. How are we on day 6 without a single response from ANY mods? Do they not check their bug report forums? Filing a ticket is met by the same copy/paste responses and finally being told that it's the fault of their ISP or computer itself. A 5 page thread filled with different people all experiencing the exact s
  4. Like I said in the other thread, if this continues for a few more days I'm absolutely done. The lack of communication or even acknowledgement from support is some of the worst I've encountered. If this continues I'm sure I won't be the only one to stop playing permanently
  5. @Drifterz I had actually assumed that was a ping issue on my end that had become more pronounced after the latest patch but I guess it's a gamewide issue. Good to know I'm not the only one
  6. This is honestly ridiculous. My boyfriend and a friend can't play the game AT ALL because of something in this patch. Everything was fine before the Mushin's Tower update, after that things started to get a bit difficult, occasional frame freezes but still playable after tweaking some settings, now he cannot do anything in game without freezing every 2-3 seconds. Every other game on his system which are way more cpu and gpu intensive run absolutely fine but BnS is unplayable. Fix your game before your entire population becomes bots, or maybe you don't care because a lot of the bots have p
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