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  1. weight of this game

    its only 37 GBs for me
  2. Is BnS dying

    Yes im making of these post. No I dont want to hear about how "everyones alwayssaying WOW is dying, everyones always saying ESO is dying". I just want to hear your honest thoughts about the playerbase and wither you think its going uphill or downhill. Im asking because im trying to choose between this or black desert. Its like, bdo looks better and is flashier plus it has a pretty good crafting system and playerbase/economy but bns has ACTUAL dungeons, raids, and the combat actually requires skill instead of pretty animations and button mashing. Plus pvp is so much better in bns and the story as bland as it is, its still 2 times better than bdo. So tell me:(NA/EU please, i know this game is doing fantastic in korea) 1# do you think the players for this game is increasing or decreasing? 2# do you believe this game will make it to 2021? 3# whats your greatest complaint about bns?
  3. nvm

    sent you a multiple page clan application.
  4. We are a group of NA players looking for active members. We wish to stay a pretty small but active clan. We use skype but if you dont have it or prefer not to use it thats ok. Any level is fine, you dont have to be a pro player or anything. We are still learning alot about the game ourselves so dont feel intimidated. We are almost always on friday-sunday and sometimes during weekdays. We are totally fine with helping complete new players aswell. If you love to eat pizza and marshmellows and clear through dungeons together this is the clan for you. My character name: Darkwhip