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  1. Our Clan Shadow Empire is Casual Clan. We seek player that wanna have fun enjoy the game and no pressure, Real life is always understood to be the priority so we don't want you to feel pressured. Veteran or New player are welcome. Our member half casual and half hardcore both in PVE and PVP if u wanna chill or rush feel free to ask them. Our Rule : We play, and have fun no cranky, no grumble speak free but still respect to other we speak Chinese, Bahasa, or English also Singlish ^_^ We Have Clan Uniform, Now we still Rank 7 we have
  2. Warlock Role is Support DPS and Buffer, I enjoy play Warlock even this class is Glass Cannon, I am Veteran Player if u prefer play as Support with high Damage either u play aggressive, or not, warlock is fun class, mostly if u unlock the offal skill and asura ember skill u can have high survivability. and Soulburn is what everyone want in dungeon as booster. As Warlock Veteran Player, i wanna know what u'r reason to quit as BnS player and suggest to other people not to play warlock? don't say warlock bad at PVP, with low ping warlock can be great pvp if u know the techn
  3. this phishing scams now became crazy, before, they only send once but now they send those whisper over and over, i report it as spammer but they still send whisper, then what i do is block spammer, now they everywhere mostly i found in cross server gate, and mushin also at foshi pyers
  4. ok2 my fault for being dumb and not smart as u guys i will say nothing i will stay sit an watch all u guys comment rather than finish this whole thing with good way
  5. u want me to sent ticket about this whole thing to NCsoft to make this thread clear and not become worst coz we already out of topic. is it u guys also gonna oppose this as i being not good or offend u guys here for make this whole thing not getting riot?
  6. don't make good comment or u will get lashed by all this people who feel that they better to make this riot became calm Just Ignore it Dude XD
  7. up to u guys i just wanna make this thing clear and who that deserve to get anger from all this people, is it hard enough to not insult someone and instead critic politely as educated and manner person i rather put critic not insult and see who the one who wrong in this problem, at least i try to make clear not make this whole thing become worst
  8. So for clear i would like to say to NCsoft design Judges based on all the evidence, please do more better to make decision for the winning contest in the future, we know that u guys work so hard to make this game be better and we appreciate all u guys hard work. i hope this will not happen again in future so people not get angry about wrong decision and angry to the wrong person. Thanks NCsoft Hope u consider about us
  9. see from all the evidence, yes i don't agree if this guy to be a winner but don't angry to this person, who decide this person that be first winner that who we must angry about
  10. i agree but my point is the silly one is the GM that make this decision, why they not see it are they work hard enough, to know this scum things
  11. who me? i don't intent to steal, u out of topic dude, what i just say here just stop complain to this winning guy this GM decision not this person, he already at least try to participate and not just sitting and insult person am i right?
  12. so draw and join, if not agree with this winning decision complain to GM not to this person at least i appreciate someone even tough he scum but at least he/she try and the GM like it that's it, is it hard to appreciate someone effort? or u don't like see this scum person win? if u don't like do something send ticket or don't wear the outfit in game is that hard ? do it this dude is mixing and change few part from few design, i will say this person scum if he copy whole one character even the colour that mean this person steal someone work. then i will go same with u guys, and i will
  13. u know even tough u think he scum, are u participating in this contest? if yes if u not agree with GM decision go complain with NCsoft don't insult people that at least he draw and did something. if not, try draw a better costume so u can beat this scum guy and winning in the first place XD, also if u not participating what u'r right to insult person that already try to do something
  14. just let the GM decide, my opinion at least this guy or gal are participating and the judges we must appreciate him/ her, about the winning decision ask the NC soft, don't blame him/her, at least u guys that insult this winning person, what about if u guys in this person side?, also u guys that insult this person, u guys participating or not well for me look from all u guys analysis this 1st winner not even plagiarism and he already try to draw unlike u guys not draw and just insult person. that even more rude and u not even participating so just damn shut up and play game stop complain
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