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  1. I couldn't guess them all from the top of my head, feel free to suggest the others that i've forgotten
  2. Just like it says, who do you think is the most attracting/appealing/beautiful character of the story. I'm posting this here because we had some pretty long discussions in our faction chat ^^ and decided to settle it with a poll once and for all. May the best win. *cough*yura*cough* P.S I'ts absolutely not in my intention to discriminate women in any way , shape or form. This question arose from a natural, healthy curiosity.
  3. Camera in 3v3 matches

    That would be VERY bad game design
  4. Camera in 3v3 matches

    Something I would highly appreciate if it was made a lot more efficient. there are two issues im having trouble with: 1) If I try to interrupt or get tagged in, my camera always starts at the most zoomed in position and I have to waste time scrolling to max distance again there is no option somewhere in the settings to set the minimum camera distance to do this(please correct me if I'm wrong) and when you are used to playing with max camera distance you are always very confused when you spawn as a consequence. 2) If you spawn, your character is looking in a random direction, instead of facing the enemy, which further contributes to the confusion I'm having when I spawn. This issue also makes it practically impossible to surprise your opponent with a "interrupt + dash + strun" combo. It's not that I can't play the game right now, but it really is irritating so I hope someone sees this.