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  1. ^title. Does it drop at all? I haven't seen any yet after what feels like 300 dungeons and I can't upgrade my necklace because the Sanctum Cores drop in NM where I get new accs lmao
  2. Hiya. Just wanted to ask - are the Accessory Chests from BT/TT bugged for Dual Blader? I cannot open the Skybreak Ring Chest and the Mastercraft Celestial Emperor Earring Chest - Stage 10 on my Dual Blader. There's just a system voice saying 'Invalid Item'. Kinda sucks.
  3. 'Can get it in no time'? Just, how? If you can make around 40g per day with 40/40 Dailies, and one stone costs around 300-400g just in mats; how is that no time? This is also excluding the other mats and gold costs.
  4. Why have a chance of failing at all? I grinded my ass off for those mats/gold, and now, suddenly, poof, they're gone? For nothing? Yeah, nah.
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