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  1. Thank you very much for this information.
  2. Not trying to derail the thread, but can you tell me your route for this? I really need those for my SIN. Ontopic: Yes, we get new dailies, but these new dailies also generate more Gold than the old ones, which means you end up with more Gold than before. So, in my opinion, it's fine.
  3. Wow. I didn't even know that you can move while using Tiger Strike. That's actually a big help. Thanks a lot for the information.
  4. Hiya, as the title says - which spec is currently 'better'? Is there any advantage to wind or fire? The only thing I noticed is that with Fire I had more Chi problems but easier access to Searing Palm. Whereas with Wind I had almost no Chi problems. What is your opinion on this? Anything I missed? send help PS: I wanted to post this in the KFM forum, but it seems kinda dead.
  5. 40 DAILY quests. You can do as much normal and story quests as you want. You're just limited to 40 dailies.
  6. That's probably because you have hit the Daily Quest Limit. Just press 'J', check in the upper right corner where it says how many Daily Quests you have done and how many you have currently accepted. Which will probably lead you to 40/40.
  7. 'Can get it in no time'? Just, how? If you can make around 40g per day with 40/40 Dailies, and one stone costs around 300-400g just in mats; how is that no time? This is also excluding the other mats and gold costs.
  8. Why have a chance of failing at all? I grinded my ass off for those mats/gold, and now, suddenly, poof, they're gone? For nothing? Yeah, nah.
  9. Hiya. Just a quick question, since I haven't found anything ingame. When does the weekly quest for WWV reset?
  10. Well, I'll try to explain as best as I can. First off, I never said Shadow is better than Earth spec. Just to get this out of the way. Second, I said you NEED HM RMB for Shadow Spec, since you need Galeforce for the Chi regeneration. Third, Execute (Shadow X) does more damage than Smash (Earth X). It has movement issues, yes, but those can mostly be negated by just holding X, instead of mashing it. Fourth, the advantage of Shadow over Earth is that Shadow has more sustained DPS with Eradicate since you can move around with holding RMB and mashing F, while with Earth you
  11. Is that all you see? Up, up, up, down, down? Read my post. Destros got a decent buff. Also, restrain works like this: DES/LBM grabs boss, you spam your restraint skill since it does most damage. Done. And no one used Execute/Eradicate because almost no one has HM RMB and Shadow build was kinda shit before this patch.
  12. Destro did get a buff. You can now use a smaller Mighty Cleave without Asura's Ember. Also, Shadow build with Eradicate and Execute just got viable thanks to Willpower buffs. Though, you NEED Asura's Ember for Shadow build since Galeforce is absolutely necessary for DPS. Maybe you also need the Mystic Badge for Galeforce CD reduction on Eradicate crit.
  13. That's easy. 1. Too much focus on RNG. It's everywhere in everything you do. Cash shop boxes, daily boxes, weapon boxes and so on. 2. NCSoft absolutely gives no shits. No matter what it's about. Server issues, game issues, nothing. 3. Bots/Spammer/Hackers. You know the drill. 4. Absolute ridiculous upgrade requirements + the ever growing AP demand from the NA/EU community. 5. Speaking of community, ours is total garbage. 6. The servers. They are absolutely atrocious. The worst servers I have ever seen that are supposedly stationed in Frankfurt. 80km away from
  14. These are already on KR, and I agree, they do look really good. I want one for my Gon. Though, I don't think we'll get them here, since they were for their Anniversary, if I remember correctly.
  15. Just do your PvP dailies. That's 600 Beans right there. Shouldn't even take you a week to unlock that skill. Also, if PvE players don't want to PvP for the HM skill, what about PvP players that don't want to play PvE? Seems kinda unfair to give special treatment to PvE players.
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