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  1. Been seeing lately that this is just the mobile port and the official ue4 gameplay hasn't been released yet. Don't know if this is hopeful thinking or true.
  2. Just contemplating whether or not to join rn if everything is erased.
  3. The activity How did it drop so low?
  4. Thank you for your input, I'll get right on it. Any other feedback would be appreciated.
  5. Not new to the game but I have a few questions regarding how much time/money I'd have to put into this game in order to have close, if not the best gear. First I will tell you my character info: Blademaster lvl 55 HM 12 with a stage 7 baleful weapon with 8 sockets. I have those solak accessories from story mode. I get around 100-140 ms sometimes in cities but I haven't tested my specs in raids or convoluted boss fights yet. I use lighting because I have low ping and can cycle my CC pretty well. May switch to fire for an easier time but I think it'll be slightly less fun. Lightning
  6. It's funny, I always seem to find someone that talks in F8 when I used to run lower level dungeons. Even tried to teach me a thing or two.
  7. It's funny, I remember someone saying now is a good time to come back.
  8. Hopefully they'll learn from this mistake, shut mxm down and work on bns :^
  9. Everytime I launch this game, there is this weird static sound coming from my monitor but every other game is fine. BnS plays fine as well...anyone else experienced this and knows how to fix it?
  10. Ima bump this too, seems like it's being ignored.
  11. My fps fluxuates between 90-120 in game. I have a pretty overkill pc for this game. I play in NA and I use an Ethernet cable to motem to get smoother internet but I guess it doesn't help with this game amymoreanymore
  12. Gonna leave a comment here to stay updated on the status. On a side note, the servers aren't even that busy sometimes and I get well over 150-200 ms when fighting even test dummies. Never had that issue before. Maybe the DDOS is that serious or do they care enough to fix it? Why are there events being pushed out when this is still an issue? And what is that buzzing sound I get every time my character loads up after I choose him?
  13. Sorry I'm late but uhhhhh... I'm already lvl 50 and HM6 haha. This is my ingame name actually. I already have the mechanics down and all that it's just Elsword is a hindrance on me honestly. I keep hoping it gets better but honestly but it won't. You either worry about rng, grind 800 runs for a title or cash your way to the top. PvP is a mess, PvE is boring af, everything just stoics lol...I think I wasted so much time on there when I should have been on here. That game has made me such a salty person and the community is awful... Fergenstein if you do come back during 3rd jobs just play
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