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  1. sadly only few lucky soul able to finish that near impossible, already bugged tortur...i mean event dungen so dont expect too much.
  2. hello fellow returnee player. i was like you till 2 week ago. i just came in game after 1 year. all i can say it's beyond the limits of grinding. and what really makes it worst in these days people expect you to one shot boss. if you dont have atleast 1k ap without elemental damage, legendary accs and soul etc you wont be able to get in most of "normal" dungeon that already aged. forget doing NS NF IF EL with 950-100 ap range cause they will insta kick you. and for uptodate dungeons they will ask atleast 1.1k ap and raven weapon. even if you decide you dont need sunlight for 2-3 month and rus
  3. lol no. they even transformed experience system into p2w option. so with normal play you cant exceed hm 13-14. for 15-25 you need gooooooood amount of money for 5m charms.
  4. wait no. they are good. creating perfect loreish friendly surroundings. better get better pc.
  5. Well this game has it's own style of hard dungeons mechanics that we call it "its own community". Seriously compared to other mmorpgs like ReV or Tera even hard dungeons easy as long as people know their stuff. but its out of question in BnS cause let alone "looking, learning" mechanics people not even talk to each other in dungeons.
  6. alright time to reveal turth. yuns are TRAP they dont give birth. they make YOU give a birth :3
  7. why use time and effort for decorations while you can milk players without doing anything ?
  8. all i can say to defenders after reading their comments, you guys so used to spend lot of real money or 12-13 hour straight grinding while buying gold from third party dealers, you guys cant even understand struggle of normal player. thanks.
  9. >Free AP boost nice joke >Free legendary shoulshield, raven set (3 piece) literally 1.5 year old and not up to date. Good luck with raven set which is had pretty bad stats >Free lvl3 Soul whoa what a deal !!!!!! while you need another couple thousad for actually decent soul. thanks for saving me 100 gold ncsoft. >Barely need any materials. hahaha. yea while finding dungeon under 950 ap is hard and slow enough let alone grinding for mats. >Fresh out 800+ ap and easly can get 1k. another great joke. you cant even find old dungeon if not you created loby yourself
  10. totally agree. back to game after one year break. pretty much started from strach. 0 gold 0 gem a bit mats from old days. since last patch playing as much as i can. currently only able to get belaful 8 and 2 legendary neck belt some gems etc. but as a someone who has 950 ap daily income is incredibly low. for example even for dawnguard/riftwalk weapons you need at least thousands of gold or 12 hour straight grinding. not even mentioning raven ones cause they seems to me only suitable for whales. because if you have 950 ap you can be kicked from even for normal EC, DS NS NF runs. let alone grin
  11. quick update: after getting in game and managed some things (upgrading baleful etc with quest givin item) my character is lvl 50 hm 10 with 770ap fm so far. after giving hongmoon points to all attack. accecories are awakened pyhtoon yeti etc. i figured out some things "how to evolve weapon etc" but dunno what gonna go my crystals. some dragon shop items looks so good but as i said dont know how to get them etc. i guess i can manage it to work it if i invest some time on it.
  12. it was around 690 700ish dont remember exact number. while whales goes around 800ap at that time.
  13. welp i dont think so any of my friends still playing the game but hoping find new good friends to play with it :3 sadly i dont have much time as much as i used to and i have no rush, if i can catch it up even if its takes 1 month its okay for me. and i am not "going to be best" mood. just enough gear to enjoy game and not falling ages behind. thank you all for your responses friends i think i will give it a second try now. i missed my beautiful gon character too :3
  14. Hello friends o/ i decided to back to game (EU) after a year break. so is it still woth it ? i am waaaay more lack in gear wise even when i was playing. is there hope for me to catch up the game ? is it still worth the time ? i loved this game when it released but had to left it due to some real life issues. soo every tip helps :3 thank you very much.
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