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  1. I'm talking about things in general, but to be honest i don't know what to say, everyone is saying that this class is so good, yet i can experience only the negative side of it, i've never won a battle with this class, i've tryed every single pvp thrick in the internet, it seems to me like a huge waste of time an effort, most of the times i can't even move with it since 15 out of 10 i'm in stun... At this point, i think that unless you don't give up your whole life for this stupid game, you'll be bad at pvp. Which is a shame. This isn't how a game should be, games should be fun for everyone, not only for people who dedicate their whole life for this. Oh well, guess i'm gonna pass another 2 year, hopefully in 2020 this game will be a bit better. :))
  2. Let's face it, this game is a living nightmare when it comes to pvp, a one legged dog is more balanced than the pvp in BnS. In the past couple of years we had a ton of new classes, and every one of them had some sort of defence skill and a blocking one, almost every class has a way to reflect and block projectiles, exept one. The Force Master... Now let's see the Force Master, a force master uses only projectiles, wich can easely reflected with any other class, let's not forget about the stun that comes with the reflected skills. When it comes to defence, the FM is a glass cannon, its defence is a pile of shit with a big "S". Now let's summarizes what we've learned so far! The FM can't attack in pvp cuz of the reflected skills of the oponent, can't protect itself cuz of the week defence, and can't move cuz of the stun that comes with the reflected skills... and thus makes the FM a helpless dummy in pvp... Some may say that the FM can use frost to freez enemys, yes well no freez can hit if the enemy reflects every attack... :)) wakey wakey, this game is anything but balanced!
  3. BnS gets worse and worse...

    RainbowDashie i don't get it, why you all making excuses, and trying to explain things, instead of seeing the truth and do something about it?
  4. Green dailies dungeon gone?

    Whose idea was this nonsense?? No Cross Server Dungeons for low level players?? for those who really need a party? what kind of idiot logic is this?! And i thought patches and upgrades are for improvements... not for making the game worse. PS: Sorry for my bad English but, i must say that this logic/change is just pure stupidity...
  5. Profile Photo Bug

    System The Character Profile picture functionality has been re-enabled. Please note that only new game screenshots taken after the maintenance on 6/22 can be used for your profile picture. Previous screenshots won’t work. here it says "re-enabled" ... but it doesn't work for me neither :( what now? :/ I hate when something new comes out and every time the new must contain something bad... it's so frustrating. T_T
  6. Profile Photo Bug

    Oh i see, thank you :)
  7. Profile Photo Bug

    I don't know about you guys, but in the game, i can't change my characters profile photo! It says "Fail to uploade photo" and it seems that no one cares about it. i know this isn't the biggest problem but still, i wish to uploade a picture to make my profile and my character a bit unique... and i can't, cause of this bug. Can someone halp me? Or at least tell me if this is a bug or not. PS: I have this problem since the Warlock patch arrived.
  8. PVP Players

    I would like to help make this community better, but sadly I don't know how. I mean, even when we find an alternative solution to any problems, are the developers willing to accept them? Or at least consider them?
  9. PVP Players

    I think the best idea is to make a simple CH for pve players, where they can do the faction dailies as well but they can't kill each other, so the pvp players will kill pvp players, and the pve players will enjoy the game at last.
  10. PVP Players

    How can you not understand a simple fact like this?? We NEED to, we don't want to, we need to put on the uniform, otherwise we can't do the Faction dailies and we can't get those fancy soulstones... it is so simple. How can you not understand a simple thing like this? And don't even try to say that we can just buy them. Go ahead and buy them for 36 silver each. Let's see how you will uprage your gear! Anyway, I think the best idea is to make a new CH only for pve oriented players.
  11. PVP Players

    Rhinala You've read my mind :))
  12. PVP Players

    XianRen Please don't be mad, I was just honest, that's all. And I'm 100% sure that you didn't read what I typed. I just wrote all the things that caused these problems. I will shorten them for you so that you can understand better. 1: "Let's say" that in real life (this is a theory, not a fact) (I hope you can see this) 2: "The game is basically addicted to soulstones, but you can't get them without being constantly worried of an aggressive player that wants to kill you! " (now this is a fact) 3: BTW I'm not against pvp players in general, only against aggressive players. I just want a peaceful place where non-pvp players can enjoy the game as well. ( i was just saying my point of view) I hope now you understand everything....
  13. PVP Players

    Emezel Most of the players attack you as well yes, but I'm 100% sure that you saw some players that didn't attack you. They were just doing their quests. Those who are not interested in PvP suffer much because of the pvp orianted players, this is the big problem here. In my life, I've learned something really useful. ''It's not true if you're the only one who's laughing, Real fun is when everybody laughs with you.'' BTW wouldn't it be much more simple if we wouldn't have to kill each other? I mean that quest would still remain for those who like to kill, but there would be a quest that would reward you with the same amount of soulstones like that quest, without killing anybody, wouldn't it be much simpler? It would spare people's mental well-being and it would also be fun.
  14. PVP Players

    I'm doing my quests as well, except that one, I just abandon it everytime.
  15. PVP Players

    BTW I'm not against pvp players in general, only against aggressive players. I just want a peaceful place where non-pvp players can enjoy the game as well. Oh! And NO my head is not full of carebears and unicorns, It's full with relativity and logic :))