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  1. got 3 out of 2500 chests. So you need to do more or you're just unlucky.
  2. The ones who are defending this is obviously the one who gained benefits from it's broken exchange rate. But as those guys said above, you're using real money to buy ingame stuffs. And the reason you do that is only to get better than other f2p players, or to wear cute outfits. It's only enjoyable when there're a lot of other players, which happen to be mostly f2p or only spend $12 for premium monthly like me. If you don't put pressure on the publisher to fix it, this game will see a lot of f2p/ moderate premium users leaving as when it was infested with bots since lauch. And all the efforts y
  3. I heard this bug is 6 months old but NCSoft didnt fix it. Apparently we can only sell gold at 1:4 max if average is 3.xx and 1:3 max if average is 2.xx and so on. Which means we have been capped and once the rate went down, we can never get it back up. This leads to f9 in EU and NA empty because richies keep buying all to keep the rate as low as possible. Please fix the cap at round number 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5.... and get it back to +-10% like before
  4. Im Vietnamese and this BnS Viet Nam is still being translated and far from being Close beta, not mention OBT. And then for some reasons they blocked us out of Humble Bundle E3 digital codes so we cannot get 7 premium days and outfits and not mention a Silverfrost Brilliant key? I want an answer, we spend $1 for charity its not much, i feel happy. But what i cant understand that they try to block us out of NA contents while Vietnam version is still not translated yet?? What kind of cross thug license is this? So from now on you will lock us out of every payable event by some Garena's shady cont
  5. I saved up my gold and mats for 2 months now and I really really want to upgrade stuffs. I heard a rumor that Johnathan tweetted there will be no trove this season due to it's too close to the last trove. But either he deleted it or it's not true, I couldnt find that tweet anywhere. I wonder if there're a trove this season. Anyone had read his tweet can confirm he actually said there is no trove? Beside the price for other mats can go up significantly or down due to this trove. Thank you very much. I really can't stand any devs that never announce anything before the events. All the games i'
  6. Nope I mailed my alts several times and it cost only couple of coppers before patch.
  7. Before the update of Celestial Basin event, each Flower of Lament cost 5 gold of mail fee, but petals cost couple of coppers each. After that, petals cost 1 gold each. While important materials like forging orbs or Flowers for soulshield cost only couple of coppers. Why make the mail fee so expensive like that? I farmed 10 Flowers of lament for my alt and it costs 50 gold just to mail it to them? Even more expensive if I bid all 10 in dungeons. If you want to restrict people to farm for their alts, you should imply all other materials like forging orbs or xanos disks with high mail fee too. No
  8. About the peaches quest counting system: the more peaches you hold, the more peaches those quests will give. I think it's kinda unfair. An example: I farmed 0-20000 peaches in 3 days, 20000-45000 in 1 day. Then I really need to buy 2 forging orbs which cost total 45000 peaches. After that the quests changed from giving 700-1000 peaches each quest to 20-100 each. The cap is only 60000. If i buy something like forging orb or xanos disk i will immediately drop from high tier quests to mid tier quests, and if I really need to buy 2 of them I will drop to low tier quest, which is a pain to farm aga
  9. out of 3 hours farming only get 1 from normal add. all are from field bosses. Event is the worst i have ever seen.
  10. Wrong. Other events were free. And this is based on HM coins or NC coins. And the drop rate is not high at all. It's extremely grindy. And farming peaches is the most boring shit ever.
  11. Like the title, I was putting up with horrible ping for more than a year. I'm thinking about using ping reducer to make my experience more comfortable. But I read a lot of topics about how NCsoft banned VPNs users and ping reducing programs. I need a confirmation about this, in case getting a ban for unknowning. It would take days and a lot of effort for customer services to lift it.
  12. My gears are 5 piece MSP with 3 piece Oblivion, stage 6 seraph, events gems. Currently I put 40 points in atk and 10 points in def. 807 AP with 2100 accuracy, 59% crit, 245% crit damage with wind build. Mostly with stage 3 HM bee i can deal 10k per hit, with petal toss around 20-25k. With stage 1 bee i can deal 15-17k per hit and with petal toss around 24-25k. I saw videos of sm dealing 40-70k per hit and with petal toss can be 100-120k per hit. (Around 500k-1000k per second). They can do naryu sanctum bosses with 6 men in around 3 mins. There is a video of sm solo DT recently in forum too. I
  13. Are hongmoon skills still usable? They disappeared from skill tree so I dont know if it's worth getting anymore? And how to spec it because now the skill tree only has 1 stage for each skill.
  14. I farmed Flower of Lament for the past 2 months and got 5 of them, with 3 Petals of Lament. Mostly I got it from daily wheel or daily challenge. The drop rate for petals are not high, and people tend to bid so high on them. Now I saved up almost 200 gold and is ready for the cheap legendary weapon. But what is the cost of new Flower of Lament in the next event's currency? If I can farm all 5 flowers in the next event then I will try my best. But I got tired of this grind so even if after the event I couldn't get enough of them I think I will call it quit and play offline games. Already quit fo
  15. I see those whales who got to spend so much for old legendaries and now it became easier, they whine that newbies don't have to spend so much like them to get it. But now they're at raven, with new contents to play everyday, while newbies even when they get the old legendaries, they won't be able to do raven or higher contents because old legendaries are outdated. I saw those with seraph/baleful stage 6 died and failed with contents in EC, DT, NF everyday. Still half of them cant even run Yeti properly. What's the matter with easier geared up? You always spend so much money to get it with
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