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  1. You are pure poison to talk to, you don't understand people's responses, and you continue on these wild tangents of what you assume is going on in your fantasy head. Go be toxic somewhere else. I won't be responding to you anymore, but you will be responding to me. Bye bye
  2. Wow. We need to stop making these crazy assumptions and go with the facts we have. If you think trying to converse with NCSOFT for 3 years and finally getting a response that is not automated is me thinking I am entitled then you are going to have a very difficult time with such a skewed viewpoint in life. But thanks for the facepalm, that must have hurt.
  3. Poor guy, just found out he has to start alllllll over :(
  4. WHY IS IT CALLED "HUMBLE" brag. Humble - having or showing a modest or low estimate of one's own importance. That feature is the complete opposite of what humble means. It should be called Whale Brag, or P2W Shout Out.
  5. You're only as strong as your weakest link in the chain. It sounds like you are trying to improve that weakest link which is a good sign, but based off BNS track record the complete opposite outcome will happen. It will end up damaging another part of the chain while trying to fix the weakest link. Instead of spending so much time trying to repair weak chain links, look at the option of removing them entirely. Shorten the chain, shorten the lag. An example of this is combining all your social media outlets into one collective poll. Going straight to the players polling them and t
  6. GM Maru (Blade and Soul) May 16, 23:17 PDT Hello again, Unfortunately, we have no say on the development process and we are unable to comment on or answer questions about such aspects of the game. However, we invite you to share your thoughts via the official forums: Title: Blade & Soul forums Link: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/forum/421-general-discussion/ Regards, GM Maru NCSOFT Team JIFFSTER May 16, 11:41 PDT Hi, is there anyone that can reply to any of the threads on the bns forum? Almost every thread in General Discussion is gen
  7. If you want your idea to be heard you have to create a support ticket, if you create a support ticket with an idea you either get 1 of 2 responses. You either receive a response that seems personalized if your idea is a complete "Not going to happen" or you receive a response that says this. I've got so many of these pre-scripted, automatic responses that you realize they don't care. Same response for the past 2 years.
  8. If the game dies from everyone quitting then their profits stop entirely. They need to find a balance where they keep the whales happy and the rest happy. But I do see your point, thank you for writing that up.
  9. I agree. New players are entering a dying game that is just a shell of what it use to be. We had our fun tho! Come on 2018 bring us a new mmorpg.
  10. There is so much data out there regarding other games that proves that this is not true and simply an assumption. If you increase the amount of players then profits increase. They aren't making changes to increase more players they are making changes that negatively impact new players (and current players) and focus on the small percentage that Pay out of pocket. If the amount of players increase then that changes the value of gold and materials. More players -> more materials-> less rarity of those materials--> lower cost. Basic supply and demand 101. They are going in
  11. That is not how economics works. You can't devalue something by making it harder to come by, that does the complete opposite. The only way to temporarily devalue something is to remove its significance. Weapons and Accessories now require less moonstone crystals, sacred crystals, elysian crystals but we never had an issue farming those items. The issue was with Moonstones, Elysian Orbs, Premium Stones, Sacred Orbs, Transformation stones, Pet Packs, Sacred Vials, the list goes on. So by removing the ability to acquire those items they have caused more problems then good.
  12. From that article, " As with many aspects of Blade & Soul, your feedback is critical to the discussions we hold, and greatly influence the decisions we make to create a more enjoyable game for everyone. Thank you for all your feedback and patience as we continue to look into and discuss other challenges, such as the 6v6 issues, and other bugs that get in the way of your Blade & Soul experience." What a freaking joke. That is hilarious. Every single patch for the past 6 months has done nothing but ignore player feedback. Like the video I posted in the other threa
  13. If I told you that I would pay you money to slap me in the face would you? Hell yes you would. This is the mindest of this game. If we keep paying for the face slaps they'll keep them coming.
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