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  1. Is this a fishing post from NC staff, making "market research" ?
  2. A note to all those (including the one posted right above me) who say that a Yun mate with a male of an other race. If you mate a male lion with a female tiger you get: 1)Tiger 2)Lion 3)A new species Guys and girls, i think you haven't read you Biology book at all. Maybe you should start do?
  3. Even if it seems convenient for AFK players etc, we all know from other games which have such system, how heavily is abused. For example, 3 friends try to make a 4-man heroic. They find a decent geared player and they start. At the end they simply kick him, and they share the loot. Come on now, we all have been there.
  4. To all those who talk about level difference and skill points. The last period that ended April 12th, the No.1 among all classes was a Summoner 18 level. Yes, 18 level. Too bad i didn't got a screenshot. I talk about EU servers.
  5. Since when a video game became rocket science? Really, do you do this?
  6. Yes, especially if i use the True Full Screen Alt+Enter.
  7. "The Master of Martial Arts" it's a daily PvP Arena quest. They removed though the Small Dragon Certificate from the reward list of that specific quest, because of bots, were taking advantage of it, farming Soulstones, making gold that way. So now only one per day from Mushin's Tower.
  8. I don't know why and how in the beginning NC west got that decision about the Kun race, but i found something interest on a private forum concerning this matter. I'll just copy - paste: source: boards.rochand.com
  9. I noticed that at Sapphire Basin with the many water effects (waterfalls) and at Highland Necropolis with that fog/mist in the air my FPS drop significantly. If i suddenly enter a dungeon in the area, or move to another area, the FPS going back to normal. I checked the graphic options, and there is not a specific setting for those, like shadows for example. You can check what each setting is responsible of, by hovering your mouse over it. Any suggestion?
  10. Really now..... your FIRST, FIRST not second,third or whatever will meet the criteria for the rewards. Your FIRST character and only, who will meet the criteria will EARN, not obtain, the rewards, at the ACCOUNT mail tab, that means you can CLAIM them from ANY other character on that account. Can't you guys read properly england?
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