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  1. Oh wait, multiple players made this observation 2 years ago and you did nothing about it. What does THAT say about if your game is worth a S**t? I mean, if the guys developing it don't listen to the players and just continue to do whatever they want - why is there even a forum? Why are there even players? If your game is unpleasant, and you won't change it.....
  2. and by "hmmmm" - I mean you might want to listen to your players.
  3. Looks like you guys are consolidating servers and whatnot. Hmmmm. Hmmmm. Hmmmm.
  4. Can you purchase some kind of "insta-50" item and apply it towards existing alts - or is it a new character ONLY thing? If only for new characters, why? If allowed for existing - how do you implement it? I don't see how.
  5. This post IS a direct request from your paying customers - please acknowledge it. It is bad form to just blatantly ignore us - while responding to what is, frankly, mostly nonsense on the rest of the forum.
  6. I don't know... is it an eastern business practice to ignore your customers? I DID check, I have now spent $1400 on your game. I realize that's not a tremendous amount, but here in the states, if I went into an ice cream parlor and spent that much in a month - they would have me on speed dial to determine what flavors to put out every week. My point being, if a person pays money into your service - don't you think you should at least RESPOND to their requests? Is this whole "forums" thing a big pointless game?
  7. I still believe the benefits could EASILY be doubled or tripled and not impact the freeloader players. Additionally, I think a premium benefit that increases your sprint stamina regen should be added. Full disclosure: I already have rank 9, they have got my money ( a fair amount, haven't checked for sure, but around a grand) - but I am having a little bit of buyer's remorse now.
  8. You guys should probably give a little more notice to this, as people who want improvements to your premium service are probably the ones most likely to... ACTUALLY SPEND MONEY IN YOUR GAME. I am assuming that is important.
  9. Additionally, howsabout adding a more rapid sprint cooldown to the ol' premium.
  10. I am currently subscribed because any bonus is better than none - BUT I won't continue to do that if you guys don't take a turn on increasing the bonuses. They are pretty lackluster, and could easily be increased by a LARGE factor. A "premium" subscription currently not worth the money - please fix.
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