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  1. 1 hour ago, Suna said:

    Kr have tried balance classes like 3 years now? Do you expect something radical happen suddenly? New classes are almost always either overpowered or underpowered on every mmo game especially in pvp aspect. Imo warlock is not even that bad spot and their hm rb is really nice compared most of classes. And in the end you do not need compete overall rankings because rewards are based by class ranking so you most likely compete against your own class.

    Class balance hjas been said to be pretty damn good lol, Its only Summoner and WL Falling off as far as tier lists go..

  2. This game will die if it isn't balanced in PvP?..


    Sorry there isn't a MMORPG in existence, PvP or PvE sided currently released that is Balanced.


    Sorry but EVERY MMO out there has a Meta, not every class will be top tier every tier, that's a proven fact and has existed longer then games itself has.


    MoBAs are no more balanced, enforcing specific picks to win games due to Different Seasons Different selection of Gods become the FoTMs for that Season please do not come here and Overexaggerate.. and make it sound like this is the only game in the entire world with balancing issues, PvP or PvE Balance has NEVER KILLED A GAME, it wont start now... I'm sorry but theres MANY other PRESSING MATTERS which is losing playerbase, that has nothing to do with the current balance.


    Summoners ARE Nerfed, end of the day we're enforced to follow KRS patch List, so we CANT nerf anything faster then the Specific patchs tell us too, that's out of NCWests control, KR Version saw ALL These balancing problems including more and has survived massively throughout it all.


    sorry but the balancing issue isn't that bad at all.. a few classes are WAY Beneath the majority but not realistically many.


    Assassin, sorry no Sin in higher Level uses PvEing in PvP its a tactic used by low ELO Players to grant easy wins, I'm sorry but if ur suffering a Massive problem with this it speaks volume about everything realistically, Sins Stop using PvE builds At plat - Diamond, sorry but a lot who are of those ranks play a Sin long term and Prolly know the combos and how to play combo sin properly.


    BD, U can easily drop this guys out of chi starving them, they're Not overpowered, they cant rly spin out of WLS CC as the Effect persists and Reroots them enforcing either a Iframe or continuous Spinning to move also very squishy so u can kill em.


    KFM meh debately, I hear from one they wipe the floor with us and others say they struggle against us.


    Summoner isn't overpowered, Just much easier LEarning curve so playing it generally at a much higher potiental then urself Because u havnt learnt u class as well. it hasn't been overpowered for quite some time now, Players just continue to QQ on it, theres a reason nobody above gold Cares about em.. and Why KR Are so quick to say they're worthless, they're likely to be buffed Next Season Due to how bad they are... not a single one even made it past the first round in the tournaments.


    your playing a Warlock, it was Overpowered as hell for a entire year, it was nerfed, maybe alittle too much, either way, if ur playing one of the Less viable classes currently don't run around saying everything else is Overpowered, each class sees the sun just like every other MMO, that's how the game works,


    I cant even imagine ur Reasoning realistically.


    "I'm going to play a Support class to 1v1" any idea what support means?.. it means u SUPPORT another player, U CANT SUPPORT URSELF ROFL,. it was OBVIOUS its a class not Fit for 1v1 Situations, sure it'll get buffed.. and Prolly be OP then Nerfed again, the class as far as PvP goes wont ever become balanced on the bases its built to support another.


    theres more then 1 thing to PvP bns, both Team and Solo play, Differnet classes will fit different Maps Metas, Also SSP, which Warlocks are very good at, they're also good in 3v3, they're abit weak in 1v1, but sorry its a class that's balanced and a great pick for the other 90% of the game... it aint imbalanced, ur class isn't going to be perfect everywhere.


    Warlocks are a Top Want in PvE, a great pick in 3v3, One of the top picks in Soulstone Plains and Alright in 6v6, they're only suffering in 1v1, and I doubt many pick a Support class for a 1v1.

  3. On ‎24‎/‎01‎/‎2016 at 3:26 AM, SahAlmawt said:

    I like the name they gave these invisible coins... NCoin properly represents the amount I have after purchasing them.... which is none...


    but for real I thought they would of had this together being that this game has been out for like 3 years unless buying stuff is new to this game...


    Ps- Im bout to Yelp review this shit....

    3 years??... umm 4 months dude, lol KR has had it for 3 years.. also run by a company which is Separate from the One running this, even tho the games almost the same with only minor adjustments our cash store works differently, therefore is new... Atleast accuse them of the right stuff before u badmouth it realistically.


    Blade and Soul has Been on OUR Regions for 4 months Under a Different company.

  4. well, I like the storyline tbh, (didn't enjoy cinderlands all too much) a few gripes, but I wouldn't say insultingly bad realistically, not many games offer Interactive Storylines specially not in the MMORPG world.


    how the NPCS such as Jinsoyun talk, u were physically given a option of turning evil with her, yet u weren't, So its misleading cause ur forever wondering if u've missed a method to turn.


    the End of Base game, makes the ENTIRE Game irrelevant, u Litterally stick hongmoon out constantly, you go through agony, all of a sudden, Somebody relieses u cannot be physically Cured and turns out all along simply balancing ur soul with darkness was the forever cure... u just went through torture for teachings u Abandoned before even seeing. I would have preferred the balancing with darkness to be much Closer to the beginning, where U would have a fighting chance during cutscenes etc etc, that don't involve just standing their paralyzed by a flower.


    I wouldn't say the entire storys a Loop of betrayal tbh, as u go through u learn why Namsoyoo was so keen to get out, when u go to the Monastry in Viridian Coast, a Nan says "she always Dreamed of being a Empress" the Mere hope was what drove her to changing alliance so often with this constant promise, u will notice EVERY person she follows initially offers her that exact wish, She didn't really betray anymore then once realistically, She became Unhappy with her choices and Saw the negatives of what she did, her regret started once she reliesed u overpowered both captains.


    Bumbak, was a Liar, and It sucks u had 0 options to distrust him and Execute him early on, instead forced to accept his Lies even tho ur at the screen shouting ITS A LIE KILL THE *cricket*ER.


    Cinderlands did have some great moments, but they lead to nothing.


    Myriuug,. the women who defys yonkais Laws, u don't see her again after that, Like She was one person ready for war with yonkai for victory and not supressing herself with fear... to actually have Slain yonkai yourself would have been much more fun, yet he simply dies to Jinsoyuns Hand, its literally a slap in the face that it was Just that easy to end him, and u forever question why the hell u didn't do that.


    however I did like the sages, the full distrust your previous actions caused them into Just Not letting you near the Mushins Legacy to them Finally reliesing how Pure you really are when u sacrifice your hope of revenge to give yunwa life again, It sucked She was taken at the end of Cinderlands to be hidden.. but never returns to the storyline, even if she was present in the final Scenes with Mushin it would have been great, u gave up everything to save a NPC that disappears reguardless.


    Overall, I enjoyed the Storyline it was quite engaging and tbh made the levelling process fun, however it did defintly have some areas that needed improvements and more option. Mushin Legacy was a great moment to have the option of Defying Master hong. balancing with the Darkness and Taking on War as Not the Light but Darkness against Darkness, Or Quelling the Hate to Save yunwa. Knowing that mushin would never forgive u for allowing his daughter to die. this could have lead into a different storyline path against mushin instead of with him..


    overall, the only changes i'd really of made are


    - player slains yonkai.


    - Choice of what you do with Mushins Legacy.


    - Balancing with Darkness to Happen in the Cinderlands BEFORE going on into Moonwater.

  5. On ‎08‎/‎02‎/‎2016 at 8:07 PM, vis said:

    Edit for clarification: He's as tall as a Lyn can be without looking like a retarded skinny bumpkin.

    I love being as tall as shorter Jins, but on the other hand, almost all outfits look much better on my almost-minimum-height Lyn : (


    what sword skin do u use o.o

    1 hour ago, Kaputz said:

    Weirdo thread alert.


    I hope the FBI have made note of all IP's of posters in this thread. Some freaky shit right here.

    don't understand this, u reliese, Lyns arnt rly created to be "fantasized" over and I doubt anyone Rolls them for that, also in a class to race locked game.. its Unsuprising to see people being Lyn... as the two popular classes have to be Lyn :P

  6. 35 minutes ago, mihwK said:

    So you agree, this is p2w.


    You just said it.


    if u read my sentence u'd of seen differently.




    u cannot Call EVERY game on the ENTIRE MARKET p2w. theres a BAR SET WHICH DICTATES ITS NOT P2W.


    this is Called the MAJORITY OF F2P GAMING MODELS. if the game MATCHS THESE SPECIFIC GAMES then it ISNT P2W it uses the NORMALISED F2P MODEL of today.


    blade and Soul MATCHS the other games in their Methods and Models, therefore it fits IN WITH the NORMALISED CATAGORY, which means although the MODEL could be CALLED p2w it is the model us as Players have agreed to and Supported THEREFORE the game itself is NOT p2w but simply supports a Internationally Loved System.

  7. then its Players causing the problems and not a Model or gameplay, its a Abuse made by the players, cant blame a company model or game for a Persons greed, only themselves can stop that. a Player cannot make this game p2w, the company gives Nothing to the player to make him Win via Paying, we price our own merchandise above the average players earnings,


    Cant u see this?...


    If the game SOLD U the book to SELL for 400g cause u cant ACCESS the tome via the game, then this is P2w!


    if the game Sells u currency that can Be Abused by the Community who farm these items then the game is doing nothing but ENABLING the service which makes it Pay for Convience.


    the game isn't selling u anything, or giving u anything increasing the power, the game is Supplying a Service, which the Community have recognised and Changed to fit, NCSOft Didn't FORCE players to sell their books at 400gold, they chose to price them that high, which makes the current issue a Playerbase Problem and Not a Companies problem.


    imho. u have two choices.


    Accept it or Leave the game.


    the game Is what the game is, its running a Standard F2P model uj wont find better elsewhere.



  8. 1 hour ago, mihwK said:

    Games that let you buy better gear or allow you to make better items then everyone else at a faster rate and then makes the game largely unbalanced even for people who have skill in the game without paying.



    It's okay bobby, I will explain this to you, I'm expecting brainless people when I make a thread like this.


    Someone who can buy power at a faster rate because he pays for it, is the definiton of p2w. Just because you can save up gold doesn't mean it's not p2w. I just rocked your world, admit it.


    ur source is urban direction, a troll website made for people who have far too much time on their hands, which is why no ones giving the source any credit, I've made urban direction meanings doesn't mean any one them are true, at most its a Person Perception of a Word, a Opinon of what they identify as p2w, Just as Many here and in other games Don't agree with that opinon.


    People get the real meanings behind many words Mixed up and they end up sticking, even tho they have nothing to do with the word, for example in English Gay means Happy, its only a Selection of people who turned into a comment for a Homosexual, doesn't it mean its true to its words, No it isn't, does it mean our culture accepts its New definition yes it does, as a NA and EU playerbase, we deem p2w to be completely different to what KR Consider to be p2w.


    the game is Boarderline P2W, which is pay for convience, it isn't any better then p2w, cause it still strangles f2p players who cant make the money comittments to the game, but at the end of the day, no form of entertainment can provide decent play or Competitive capability to a Paying player, because if it was no one would pay and this game would shut down.


    I think u need to reliese to destincely be p2w it would have to do Something that the community doesn't accept, every MMO Supports this same Model, us as a Country, a Community and Group of People, have Accepted this as a Acceptable model for F2P games, it cannot be as a GAME P2w because of that, as a Model yes its P2W, but its a Model which has been Normalised by gamers today, therefore it Matchs the Critia of a F2P pushing no boundaries which have been created in this Community.

  9. lets try keep the conversation polite atleast no need to be calling each other names, everyone has a opinon and everyone sees p2w to be something different.


    imho. Even tho ur points right OP, ur justifying is wrong, this game needs these methods, to catch New competition uptoo old competition before the NExt ESLs are released, this is how they do it, its Also how they make the money to then raise funds and Rewards to be able to Reward Winners in the game, if someones Dumping $300 each time they want the next book in the game, fair play to em


    they're paying for u to play this game, that's Whats happening, U pay nothing and get in on the game off these players back, if they didn't exist or weren't able to do this, you'd be without a game Faster then you thought.

  10. 4 minutes ago, mihwK said:

    They also want this to be an esport, they can't offer power for money like this.


    they arnt Offering u power, Nothing they're Selling u is Directly affecting Stats Damage or Capability. they're Selling u a Progression System that u pay to bypass, Every E-sports game Supports this method, how else do u think NEW challangers enter?.. if they had to each farm 400g the game would revolve around 3 Players with No Capability of anyone joining them. E-Sports games are built with Nothing but Competitive Capability in the very end of the game, they need to Support players to hit that ASAP to train to catch up with Previous ESL CHampions to EXPAND the games Pool of Competitive Players.


    E-Sports games ARE P2W, hence Why the fact gw2 is so hated in ESL... it has ZERO item advantages so it Becomes STALE as teams never change. Just rerolls of classes and classes cause its too easy to do.


    this game taxs u HARD so FoTM Rerolling in ESLs never happen, so more and More can get involved each time as they turn over their main classes very quickly with bulk fees.

  11. I don't understand the Uproar tbh, Don't u walk into f2ps expecting these things to happen?.., every game Has the Exact same Money making devices, Every game Sells ingame currency, weather its by allowing u to gift cashbought items to players for Currency or directly giving u gold for Cashbought currencies, they sell the currency to players to Increase their pace, hell rift even will sell u the outright armour for Cash prices, for aslong as they're not selling u a product whjich isn't achievable in the game and granting a advantage to that player, its No worse then every other MMO on the market, I get u don't like it, I get that it could be deemed p2w, but its in the same boat with every MMO, its a Standard Todayus f2p Model, they're not going to be the huge change that free players Need, they want your money.


    its only games like guild wars 2 which provide COmplete freedom, even then u could RL buy Gems to sell to gold to buy agony resistance and then Pay into the game again to buy ur Legendary Weapons, then buy Mats to make Ascended armour, and the games Unable to have to manpower to Re-make proffessions in the game so its falling apart anyway, its proven time and time again, F2P games NEED these money grabs to live, too many Players WONT pay anything into them.

  12. ur playing a Korean game.. ur playing a F2p game..


    every f2p on the market is boarderline p2w, and every f2p on the market is there to force u to pay, that's the point of it, they arnt doing u a favour, they arnt releasing this because you want this, they're releasing it for Money, that's it... they don't care outside of creating a community for this game and Earning a profit from the game, U need to run with P2P games if ur looking for a game where none of this exists, because even GW2 and BDO on the B2P Markets Sell the exact same stuff to you.


    and its Our own fault, we've refused to pay subscriptions, we've Refused to Pay Monthly Pay full prices for Expansions, and Exiled games based on not being on the f2p market, we as human beings SHowed them how much they really could make through the f2p market forcing more and more games to becom f2p, if this game was Released 10 years ago back in wow and EQ1/EQ2 this game would have been £9 a month with 0 transactions outside of that. we Created this Model and we Demanded this model in force, now u have to either ACCEPT this is the New way of gaming, or Leave... MoBAS are always there for thje players who don't want to comitt to continuous Payments.


    not to sound harsh on u OP, I understand ur logic, I understand the problems behind what they're doing, I'm not saying the games not p2w, I'm saying theres No game on the Market which isn't doing the exact same thing, which puts it under the Normal f2p model.



  13. 6 minutes ago, mihwK said:

    You can make money with the skins. They are already trying to make money with inventory space, etc.

    But that book is offering massive power to those 3 classes, and getting it is alot of work.


    In a game which is marketed as "esports" you can't force people to farm PvE/PvP for weeks and offer others to buy these powers for money and simply skipping all the hard work. They can make money in other ways, why the hell do they have to sell gold?!


    If a Diamond BM with book plays a Diamond BM without book, and we simply assume he bought the book with $$$, it's not fair at all. Selling something as esport has fairness in it's name, it has to be fair. Touching this topic we have the issue with Hongmoon Levels aswel, the games in arena simply aren't fair if people can buy stuff and have a stronger character instantly. Now before we get the idiots, I'm not saying HM Levels are p2w, I'm just saying it's another thing which makes arena not the way it's supposed to be in order to qualify as an Esport.


    You can't buy skills in League of Legends and simply have a better Hero than your enemy.

    You can't buy better weapons in CS:GO and have your AK do more DMG.

    You can't buy better skills again in World of Warcraft Arena and have a better hero that way.


    This game has a vision which this buy gold design does not fit into.



    why does it sell gold?


    Because its Already in the game before they made it, People were just buying gold from third Party companys Gold Sellers to earn there stuff faster, Don't act like it isn't happening, the gold spammers would only be here if there was a Profit to be made.


    they always had a Currency conversion, through privately trading Store bought items for Gold.


    the only reason u suddenly are uproaring this is because its now More Offical then it was and More accessible, its simply only that, ur crying over something that has always existed, its just simply NCSOft want the money from the players paying gold farmers to go to them instead of a third party company, so they've released their own version to bring players AWAY from interacting with gold sellers.


    Sorry but every MMORPG has a Currency Exchange


    to be Pay 2 win, or Unreasonable it would have to be something that ISNT all over the MMO world. standard F2P model, every company uses it... its Nothing u wont see in the next game.


    "has a vision"... even tho as far as I know there are VERY Few MMORPGS making it into ESL atm


    One of those is guild wars 2, which has a Currency Exchange market build into it.


    P.S this is a Eastern Game.. and a Eastern creation, their Community want HIGH grinds requiring 14hours a day comittments, that's the strive for this game, its a Korean game their games are BUILT to be not achievable that's what THEY WANT TO SEE, this is EXACTLY what the game needs to fit into their vision, if u don't Like it play a Western game... your not going to reach in this game if making 400g is a problem for you... because u will do it for the rest of ur life.


    Eastern MMOs = High grinds, Gold Sinks, Money grabs and Huge time consumptions, they're built for Hardcore playerbases, and ur clearly struggling to handle the concept.




  14. 1 hour ago, mihwK said:

    I would like to have the defending people of this game explain me how this is not pay to win:


    BM /  Warlock / BD - BSH 4man Skill Books


    These Books:

    - have a price of 400g+!

    - they increase the power of the character tremendously


    I tried to inform myself over the Warlock, and people say the book will increase the DMG by 70%.

    I've watched MANY youtube videos, where ppl would talk about builds and specifically say "you can't do this without the BSH book".


    A person willing to spend irL money, is able to buy Gold and with that, able to buy these insanely overpriced books.

    If I face a mirror match in arena as any of the stated classes above, the game will be unfair. It's not an even match at all, and my enemy has the potential to buy this power = pay to win.


    Whiteknights (fanboys) assemble!



    not to defend the game or counteract ur argument.


    I noticed u wrote "400g".. which is ingame currency... Which is Earnt only through cash store?..... ur statements reads nothing more then "if ur lazy don't want to put hours in the game and cant be assed to learn Methods of Money making THIS Cashbuying scheme is there for u"..


    I'm sorry I aint going to argue if this games p2w or not.


    but p2w is When u can make micro-transaction purchases that makes Ur stats/Damage/Survivability Higher then what a free to play character is capable of. u can farm these books, u can farm gold to buy these books, many have reported making several hundreds quite easy playing the market, also u could of been farming Soulstones, as their prices are abit to increase MASSIVELY due to the release of the warlock.


    Reason I aint fighting if its p2w, because It simply does not matter, a Free to Play game, isn't ment to be FREE, its ment to get ur money through Ingame products rather then gating you out of the game til u pay, the game NEEDS to make money, they cant simply NOT make a profit in the game, Welcome to the world NOTHINGS free, u either pay for entertainment or u get the bare minimum.


    Flat out P2W would be selling Legendary weapons on the cash store with 0 method to earn it in the game.


    Locking Weapon upgrades Past infernal to Subscription players only.


    Selling stat increasers that free players cannot achieve.


    Everything else is Boarderline p2w at best, and that's all this is, its obtainable through the game, its just not practical for everyones life style, that's Called Pay for Convience, not far off P2w in concept, but its a Big difference in the extreme measurements of the catagories.


    Pay to win is Selling Direct Advantages a f2p player cannot reach, for example selling Extra Damage modifiers on your weapons for rl cash with no access to f2p, or locking upgrades to Premium.


    Pay for Convience is Selling items which give players a Time advantage over the next person, giving the person to highest gear that's in the game, which otherwise would have taken large consumptions of time which a player may not of had to be able to manage the progression.


    at best, their selling u Progression Not Power, they're not enhancing you in any way or giving u any advantages they're Sellingf the Progressive system of the game as a Bypass method,


    for example take a Maze.


    everyone may enter the maze for free to win their reward, there is a perfectlyt viable Route to the Centre for everyone to figure out leading to the Centre of the maze to earn that prize, everyone gets the exact same prize, no matter how long it takes or what they do to earn it, identical results, One guy Pays to have the item given to him without entering the maze, Is anyone Unable to get that prize, No everyone can earn it, however some people wont have the time to dedicate to getting through the maze, and Some people will spend ALOT more time earning that prize.

  15. well most likely, bots /. glitchs / disconnects make players very bitter and quick to judge really, that and pvp communities tend to be abit more toxic, but then again so is gw2 and Tera and I experienced a much more friendly surroundings there.

  16. 2 hours ago, Taemek said:

    Honestly, the lack of information we have dictates to us that nothing has been acknowledged or passed on to people who need to know.


    At the current state the game is in with packet loss being a huge issue for a large portion of the gaming community, I think they probably have bigger issues, however, it doesn't take months to get a correspondent to coordinate communication to someone to get expressions of interest OR to get some information from who ever is in charge.


    It is 2016 and there simply is no excuse no more. There was a lot of legal technicalities in the past that are no longer present that used to put companies off having servers here, with new technology now it makes it a lot easier, cheaper and profitable.


    Yes, but as far as I can tell, this games only being allowed full stop by NCSoft, KR NCSoft run the servers here, its been Exclusively released to NCSoft NA, which would by my assumption be more like, it has been passed on but its to weather the games make enough profit to make it worth Actually building a OCE NCsoft to run this for you guys, I'm assuming they arnt willing to sell it to any other servers (bloodlust that is)


    the reason I predict this to be the reasoning is, tera and aion were both sold by NCSoft to gameforge, they Have taken in MORE EU Servers, they wouldn't do that willingly, they have no intention to cater to EU Times / proper Server maintiance to prove otherwise as a whole, so my expectation is bloodlust are going to refuse to allow this game to be run by anything else, as NCSOft have been the Supporters of this game for the full length of its Existence.


    you can say its been Months for this to of been acknowledged, but can u really expect a whole New Business to be built and ready to take on BnS For the OCE? prolly not, the business itself to train recruits etc etc to get the manpower to do this While working on their current games etc etc you'll find this sorta of project would take years.


    but no I feel this is the baseline.


    NCSoft are the only company with the rights to bring this game Outside Korea, NCSoft don't have Localised EU Servers or OCE Servers therefore although EU Will get it on a much Less convient platform as NA will receive this (as they did with both Tera and Aion to begin with) and OCE will await for NCSoft as a Server company to Expand into their shores.if bloodlust are refusing to allow this game to be Supported by anything but NCSoft you cant really blame them, there is a Excuse....


    The Ultimate Excuse, the One Excuse that no one can fight.


    Its NOT their game to Sell or Provide... it Isnt there game to make that decision, NCSoft as a business has to look at ALOT more then the Wants of BnS in OCE to decide if Investing in building a Whole new business with new employees, Leaderboards etc etc Will turn a Profit expanding into OCE, and BnS maybe show that.. but what about the other 5 games they support?... if they see 0 Income from this project NCSoft would take a major blow where money is concerned.


    they cant force bloodlust to allow another Company to support their game, as far as I'm concerned, they were making their money off it being a Korean only game, so anything above is prolly a bonus for them, so they prolly have very little care weather the game does or doesn't go worldwide, its purposely built to their countries wants in a game, which doesn't appeal to a great deal Of Players in the western countries, the amount of Money they'd make or actual Permanent playerbase they build would have to be huge to take up this Extreme Measurement, and I don't mean 250k People.. more like a Couple of Million, considering they run ALOT of games not many in OCE would want to use or invest in.


    NCSoft hasn't even broken far into the EU, Let alone bringing up OCE, NCsoft as a company and server provider are rigid on what they will and wont do and generally keep themselves in America, if bloodlust isn't going to let it pass it wont pass, NCSoft can only give them a Sheet of paper saying this many will like it, and NCSoft themselves can only base this project on a 14k Increase in players, they can pull out "it isn't advertised it might attract me" asking this of NCSoft is HUGE, like building a new business, specially as it'd be separated KR and NA NCSoft, meaning the Costs of that would be 10s of millions, BnS would have to see some SERIOUS Success to generate the Money to pay into this.





    Bloodlust as far as I can tell are refusing to allow a other Server company run this game.


    NCSoft would need to make Some serious money to realistically build a Entire separate business in another country.


    It isn't NCSofts fault, Fight or Excuse if bloodlust are Refusing to sell this game to another server company.


    Bloodlust are the final Decision to weather u do or Don't see BnS.

  17. 6 minutes ago, Taemek said:


    It doesn't stop them from sourcing companies here to do what's required. Its called expressions of interest.


    If you stopped and read the thread, you would of seen where NCsoft specifically told us to create a petition to show how much interest there is and 14k petitions when majority of them are from people on these forums without even have marketed the game over here is more then enough to warrant a server or two here in OCE/SEA.


    NCsoft have a direct voice to the people who need to know, anything else would be a waste of time, resources and energy from anyone trying to get something to happen.


    Well yes, but the reason they need it in a Petition is to Send it to KR NCsoft to pass through to Team bloodlust, to SHow bloodlust their is a Profit to be made in the OCE, I'm not Disreguarding the importance of Some form of Verbal Communication.. I'm just saying People who are saying "its 2016 its Unacceptable" its a grey area, only team bloodlust can Source it to ur Contries,  I was just saying... it isn't Unacceptable for a Company who sell Gaming servers to Not be involved with OCE and I think the flank some players giving them for that isn't right, they are trying to help u get bloodlust to source this game to U guys, but that's a time consuming thing.


    the initial idea is good, and u have my vote personally for this to take place, I'm just saying some of these posts made are directly insulting NCSoft saying NCsoft is the company "ignoring" this issue, or showing poor form to not have this game within the OCE, that's Kinda a verbal attack on NCsoft for something they have no control over.


    personally, I think bloodlust would be stupid to realistically not see this idea through, Opening the game up to more of the world = More custom = More profits and a Much bigger larger brand, games like WoW didn't survive on EU/NA... they survived cause they cover such a Mass of the world it became one the easiest forms of entertainment to access world wide. todays games aiming to become a top MMO need to follow that same High Form, and OCE Servers are basically a Requirement to make any attempt at that.


    I'm just saying the Direct attacks made against them isn't really nessercary.

  18. right, my argument isn't sticking up for it, saying they shouldn't hold OCE servers, however, most games which now have OCE didn't have any for AGES after their release, I mean it took the game 6 years to let anyone Outside of Korea have the game, therefore tbh your looking at a Heafty wait before it sees OCE, tbh its Likely the developers will actually Allow a Server Company from the OCE Part of the world build this game for that population, so ur prolly looking at another Year or more before this issue will be changed.


    OCE seem to be always the last place that's updated on these things, I am not 100% Sure why I guess not many Game developers orginate from those parts of the world, the main Devs of this game seem pretty against actually moving this game Outside Korea, the only reason NA/EU have it is because they allowed NCsoft to build the game for us, they themselves Without that opportunity would have never opened this game to us, that's factual, they just don't have any interest in us viably accessing this game.


    so imho, complaining to NCSoft isn't the greatest idea, NCSoft cant physically run those servers to you, they barely have their Servers located in the EU, they generally sell their EU Servers to a EU Company because they only want to deal with America, look at tera and Aion EU, both sold to gameforge. and I doubt NCSoft have permission from Team Bloodlust (the owners of the game) to open this game up to anyone but the NA/EU population, they're contract is VERY Strict without Personal confirmation from Team bloodlust they cant do anything for their playerbase.


    the reason NCSoft give no clarification on this subject, is because NCsoft arnt allowed to, they're not allowed to import the game wherever they want, they arnt allowed to open random servers for Different players to Import this game to ur countries, only bloodlust can physically permit such a action, and even then NCSoft wouldn't be the guys running it, it'd be a gaming server company from the OCE. so signing petitions against them personally or shouting at them personally for the balancing / glitchs or Server locations is Silly, they're not the owners of this game.. they're nothing to do with the development of this game Team bloodlust are the guys u want reading your Petition and sadly they wont come here to see it, because they're Korean and I doubt many of them are capable of reading enough English to make anything of these forums NCSoft can project our opinons to team bloodlust to Permit changes or fast forward things.. but they cant demand more allowance.


    I feel for u guys I honestly do, and as I said, I fully support you guys Should be given servers to get into this game too, we're in 2016.. games should be developed enough to run for everybody it isn't difficult anymore, but NCSoft cannot help that matter, they don't own servers in OCE.. or even a OCE NCsoft


    Basically NCsoft have many different places, but they're not one company. KR NCsoft are completely different and Uninvolved with NA NCsoft,, OCE NCsoft doesn't actually exist, someone would have to create that as NCSoft don't actually work as 1 name in different countries, they simply just allow people to Open servers in different parts of the world with their Name, as a OCE NCsoft doesn't exist, and KR or NA NCsoft arnt involved with any of those processes NCSOft cant actually interact with the OCE Population, the design of this business is Appauling as far as Expanding is Concerned.. its Just a Branded name that's sold to various parts of the world which all create their Own version of the business.


    EU doesn't have a NCSoft, but NCSoft does have involvement with the EU From many games, however their servers are quite bad at times for that population, not as bad as for you guys, but there are No servers in the EU Supporting us, were directly connecting to almost America fort this game ourselves. if NCsoft arnt bothering to expand into the EU and Just selling the rights to the servers after a while then I doubt NCSoft will see OCE through, ur prolly looking more at when a Different company buys these rights out from bloodlust, which have more of a coverage of the world.


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