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  1. Your ISP is most likely monitoring your traffic and have to provide it to legal authorities if required to do so yes. But in other cases, they can't access those data for any other reason and if they are doing so, they are gonna be in trouble. That said, NCSoft still has to follow all the EU laws concerning data collection, and in that regard, they are doing poorly. Prior to collect user data they have to inform the users what data they are collecting, which they didn't say anything and people have to guess what is going on. That means that even if people "agree" to the ToS, NCSoft
  2. This is why you can always apply 1 Poison stack -> Hook Kick & spam Doubletime to get that passive +30% crit. No matter which build you play, if you are gonna use Doubletime, always try to do it in stealth.
  3. Actually the change is better now as you can now ani-cancel Lightning Rod with Lightning Pierce, which wasn't possible before because as soon as you used Lightning Rod, Lightning Pierce wasn't available anymore.
  4. 1. The ELO system here is not really made to be fair as you don't have equalized gear / levels / hm skills (arena, bg), so it'll always be a bit flawed. It's not like on other games where you don't have that unequalized matchup (Think of moba games, you can't go to rank games if you are not maxed level, or if you don't have few other things). It's not always true but, this is the problem with an MMORPG with pvp system & ranking. You can't say "alright guys, you can only fight if you have max gears, levels, skills". That would make the pvp completely dead. Also for the AP difference, t
  5. 1. This is how the ELO system works on every game. You are matched with people in the same range, either they are with or against you. Also, duo-queueing change this a bit. 2. Class balance is hard to deal with atm. I think the best option would have 2 modes : 1 which allows class duplicates, the other one which doesn't. 3. This is clearly a problem, but it was a hotfix to prevent people from exploiting this to not lose their ELO. Could've been made much better than this I agree. 4. There is always the option to report bug with support ticket. 5. Never saw bots in battlegro
  6. They won't get any rewards from 1v1, 3v3, 6v6 for this season. Then, they'll be eligible again for next seasons.
  7. At least you get a lot of soulshields. I barely get any in the chests.
  8. It's actually not that hard to get. Out of 160 battles, I got 100 victories. Not that bad actually considering all the leavers I get.
  9. It's simple : PVP sucks in this game, nothing else to say.
  10. Around 250 keys (few with hmcoins) : - 2 Citrines, 1 Aquamarine (already had one), 1 Amethyst - Asura Ember (needed that one) - 3 Outfits - ~20 Honorary ornaments - Mysterious Crystals, fabrics & few other things. This Summer Trove feels way better than the Spring one as it seems the disposal of items you can get are more randomized, which means that good items can still come in the free 2 slots. The only thing I don't really like is the price of the good items (100g). It's a bit much for people who don't really have a lot of golds.
  11. As far as I know, you can't fail those transmutations, it is also not indicated as "There is a chance of failure". Also, even if there was a chance of failure, you won't loose the 3 gems.
  12. Yep it's a recolor of the Honor Guard (white one)
  13. @Rukkirii The Finite Challenge outfit is not in the HM tab of the store.
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