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  1. Blade Master

    blocker master needs more blocking skill ? really?
  2. Daily dash

    nsoft troll?
  3. Arena lag?

    this is a fk shit, yesterday I got a lot of spikelags and lost because the fk shity server full of lag, fk this game, nsoft improve youir fk server, this game is going down and its your fault
  4. Just a frienly warning for Ncsoft

    what a ignorant, summoner apart of tab they can change places with his cat, this is the other way to scape you pu$$y, l2p kid
  5. Just a frienly warning for Ncsoft

    every class has 2 skills to scape lol stop to cry like a baby
  6. jajaja kfm hardest class? nice joke, 2 keys = 0-100 combo you win welcome to diamond 2300+
  7. why you care so much what he thinks? you are like a kid wanting attention
  8. How to beat assassin as kfm?

    Follow these steps 1) just hug the corners like a fagget 2) do a 100-0 stumlock combo 3) win

    another crying post lol
  10. Sparring Queue [Add-It-Next-Patch]

    it'd be a great idea. I thought this before. I wish they consider this feature.
  11. assasins doesnt have 100-0 combo like kfm
  12. Freaking fps bug

    buy a new vcard