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  1. serious help needed

    Hey guys, i finally solved my problem, i will explain it, u guys got to share it with anyone that come accross this issue, the thing was that blade and soul cant work with HDD or SSD drives that use the asmedia drive 106 so what anyone that suffer from this issue got to do is, go to device manager -->storage controllers and select the asmedia sata drive and uninstal and delete it, reboot and you are good to go, now u can play it without having your hdd disapearing every time . i had hard time but luckily i found this solution somewhere on the internet and it worked like magic. thanks everyone,
  2. serious help needed

    and btw,, am i am familiar with hardwear engeneering, if something goes wrong i would know,, power suplly is at its best, so are the storage devices,,, my guess is ther might be something with the ncsoft softwares, but i cant get my hands on the exact problem
  3. serious help needed

    no am 100% positive that my HDD is fine, i tried 2 of them,, a 1tb HDD that i use all the time, and one brand new SSD,,, its exactly the same problem always,, everytime the anticheat is abot to start and before the game even start, the Storage drive ejects automatically,, like it dosnt even exist anymore,,, yet they both work perfectly all the time...
  4. serious help needed

    Hello guys, i have a huge problem . its been few months like this,, starting B&S always crashes my HDD drive,,, like it try to start, but dont even make it to the loading screen,,, the anticheat doesnt even start, it instantly gives back an error msg saying the path is invalid and then i check,,, my HDD is gone,, and i have to restart my pc,,,,, anyone came through something wierd like this??any possible solution??
  5. crashing ncsoft lancher,

    well i dont see anyone posting about this, but the nc soft launcher is a piece of crap,, trying to download blade&soul for two weeks now and all it does is launching the download, watch the speed decrese till it hit 0 then launcher crash,,, i mean,,, if the launcher is that unreliable,, why even bother to call for a beta test???? and why no one is bothering to fix this issue that is buggin a lot of ppl out there??