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  1. Ebondrake citadel you will need the resist phantom brand by the belt or bracelet and he has 30+ million in tw so 560 isn't really gonna cut it because you need other people to have higher ap to cover for your damage and desolate tomb is 41 million health and that is around 600+ not very sure because i have not tried it but be aware that these dungeons are reliant on mechanics as well so best to watch a vid or two to understand it. As for Shattered Masts and Gloomdross Incursion, Gloomdross won't be too hard for 6 man or 4 man once you get the dungeon. Shattered Masts for 4 man need some good m
  2. 20 July the shattered masts and the gloomdross incursion will have 2 offals needed for the hm skill but you will still need one more offal from twisted grimhorn wilds which isnt released yet so you will have to wait
  3. Try tweeting to bladeandsoulops they can try helping you because i dont really exactly know why you keep disconnecting honestly because I don't always see people disconnecting as much even though my ping is very bad since i live in asia and yes I know that this sort of things still happen but try going to bladeandsoulops might help because they do reply to you so they should be able to help you
  4. Name: Razeark Main class: Warlock and Force master( love them both:) ) Both are level 50. Warlock is the one in poharan my other character is in yehara which is force master Location: Oceanic Primary interest: PvE Previous BnS experience: a force master in yehara. Your Previous MMO experience(leave blank if none): None Discord avalibilty: Yes, i have a mic as well. You are willing to use discord as a third party way of communication(yes/no): yes! Others: would like to join this clan cause my clan because of different timezones are not online when i'm onl
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