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  1. Hi hi again, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if I should salvage this stuff? If you don't know please answer the ones you do so I can move on. ty ty :) Level 60 HM 17 Summoner, using Thorns 1. Awakened Lycan pet - Stage 1 -- It uses pet enhancement stones, which I cant' seem to find anymore. I got a hongmoon aura pet stage 3 from the story, should I put a pet in it? 2. Baleful Staff stage 8 - Should I salvage and use Riftwalk weapon from storyline? Other stuff taking up bank slots 3. Pinnacle bracelet and True Scorpion belt 4.
  2. Ahh okay that must be why, guess that changed. Thanks!
  3. I just returned and can't find the daily and weekly quest menu. I've looked everywhere and it's not under the map. How can I get it turned back on or is it somewhere else now?
  4. Yep, even with the reduction costs it's seems things are still way out of reach. As much time as I've put into this game I should at least feel like I'm close to something. I just can't dedicate the time that is needed anymore. It's embarrassing that I'm at HM 12 and I'm still at bale stage 8, my pet is only awakened level 1, and my ss is only stage 3, LOL. When I start calculating how much more I need... it brings me down and makes me rethink if I should continue.
  5. I'm not to happy about the changes to the sacred oil, to me it made it harder to obtain. The story was way to fast, and I'm not sure how long it will take me to get used to skills that were on the F key being changed. Other than that as soon as I can do the new content stuff, which will be awhile I guess it's okay. :)
  6. Well, I wasn't really complaining and I don't think anyone else is either. Regardless, elite to me isn't about how much you spend, it can definitely be achieved if you play 5 hours a day and never take a break from the game. However, whales is a different story, mid-level players should also be including in end game content period. How many players do you think are in each play-style? How long do you think they will continue to hang on to the game?
  7. I have to agree, nothing to be excited about for me. I am hoping with the merge that we will start seeing faction chat groups for BT, but even so if it really takes 3 to 4 hours I don't know that I will ever do it. Also, I got kicked from my clan because they only have room for elites and people that play constantly, so I am now with a small but fun clan.
  8. Hi, not sure if you tried this, but after you click the blade and soul client and before you click play. Click the settings tab and then change it to run in 32 bit, If that is already checked, then uncheck it and see if that works.
  9. Yeah, pretty sure it is the last hit. I've got the box a few times and that seems to be the case, If you are in a party you will have to bid for the box drops so I guess there's that too.
  10. What's your level and class? Most people just want to get it done as fast as possible because doing the same dungeons every single day starts to wear you down. Once you get to that point I guarantee you will be leaving parties all the time for the same exact reason; you'll start becoming a pro at knowing when to bail.
  11. Well the good thing about this is even those that are just at the cusp of what most players want for these dungeons they can get in and hopefully learn the mechanics before they fix the kick option. Lol, always trying to look at the bright side. :)
  12. I would think since there is only 10 available that this wouldn't be competitive between the entire server to grab them (sold out)?
  13. I believe it to be a bug, sorry edited because I could be wrong. Though this happened to me yesterday and it fixed after what I said above.
  14. It's a bug you have to buy the cloud coin for 1 nc coin to make them appear again. I just had this happen to me yesterday
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