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  1. HM skills, Soulstones, etc items. Right now the pouches from doing the 4 dailies give a decent amount of SS, so that's awesome. But it still feels like NCsoft is shoving PvP down my throat with every addition they make. "Here's a practice arena!" "Here's a new tower that is nothing but PvP!" "Here's a new battleground....that's PvP!" On subject to the quote though, yeah, you want HM skills to kill better and faster in PvE. Best way to get them is PvP. Upgrading my Siren weapon required me to PvP in Misty to grind insigs. Some form of PvP is required to progress in PvE.
  2. I personally think the PvP system is a joke. It's all about who has the better crowd control over the most escapes. There's absolutely 0 balancing to class skills. I don't consider it skillful to train every daze/stun/airborne/etc skill your class has and then go and win by "skillfully" using them in a rotation. I would be happy to just ignore PvP all together, but when the game requires insignias and Zen beans in order for you to be better in pve, that's just shoving an unwanted system down the throat. So I'm here complaining for all the good it'd do.
  3. Do you require your members to use VOIP? I'm just looking for a laid back clan where I can be casual and give/receive help when I'm on. IGN: Desufire Class: KFM
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