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  1. Thanks for the replies. I've checked that topic before i created one, but it seemed outdated i have no idea when the last update was and were any difference made in the classes. So long story short i tried both builds and i am 45 lvl at the moment. Fire does more substantally more dmg than the shadow in pve and seems like the skills have more aoe than the shadow build, but i need to double check that. Anyway im not really interested in pve aspect, but mainly in pvp. Played for 8-9 hours pvp and what i noticed is that the class is better with shadow build than fire build. Not that fire is bad, but it seems that shadow or at least for me does more dmg output in combo i manage to kill few players in 1 combo with shadow, but i couldnt with fire. But to be honest the char is pretty bad in pvp, it lacks escapes, defense and few other things. I mean a magic class like FM have more defense and can be quite tanky in pvp, with gunner its different. The class itself is quite hard to play in pvp, because you have to keep distance and try not to get cought and some of the skills have pretty big cooldown. I have destro,bm, fm and kfm. All those classes are better in pvp and more tanky which make them easier to play.
  2. Hey, everyone! I wanted to play a decent mmorpg game with nice pvp i only care about pvp, but i do pve time to time. So before i left max lvl was 50 and i dont quite remember if the HM lvls were avaliable. Anyway now i return and everything is changed and a bit messy for me actually. I have BM 50lvl, its a great char for pvp and pve, but seems like dps in pve isnt good enough, i mean with my 46lvl FM i clean mushin tower f9 faster and i go to much higher floor on infinity tower. So now im creating a gunslinger (always liked archers) and this is the closest one to archer. So im thinking which path i should choose, shadow or fire. I need probably only lvl 55 no more and then i pvp. From the topics i read , turns out fire is a lot better, but all of the topics are old and the information is outdated. I have low ping around 60 and i would like a little bit more challenging than LMB>RMB. Also hows the char in pvp compared to others. Yesterday i fought 2 GS in arena, but they were bloody alwful.