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  1. this was pre bracelet, I figured out the combo for sins with the bracelet so its alot beter on my new vid for lightning sins with dragon
  2. Hey guys just wanted to give yall some Gunslinger pvp if you wanna know more about the gunner feel free to ask!
  3. Just another assassin montage video if anyone would like to see assassin in action via pvp Enjoy!
  4. Assassin Montage hopefully some of you guys can take a little from it, Never give up!
  5. Finished an Assassin Montage Enjoy!
  6. this is just my two cents thumbs up if you like it
  7. Knumb

    Assassin Class

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forums, but I didnt see many sin guides and I wanted to give my two-cents on a class I like which is Assassin, I made a guide on the 2017 ver. of the class if you new guys wanna check it out thumbs up if you like it, I'm new to streaming and making videos so if any vets wanna give pointers feel me thanks guys! :Dee ma
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