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  1. Infinity Tower and You

    yea my summoner have a problem beating destroyers and summoners overall worst for me ezi is wl / fm / sf XD
  2. Low AP and Unexperience Player Dungeon Party Form

    omg? ... u are not abel to make party for urself putting 350/400 ap? .... can't be so hard i do on alt LOL... and ofc ppl can putt 500+ ap req they want to make it fast and quess what ? they can lol :P
  3. AP and be a human being

    so many kick ppl who miss 2-5 ap lol :p allso often partys is ok but u have those kid's who instant gonna complaine on evry1 and evrything like theyr some sort off pros? when theyr the one daying lel find this queite funny xD
  4. suggestions

    Make soulstone plains faction daily - reward aslong as you are in party or lower the %... allso can u fix the BOAR last boss in mining when he spawn somthing is wrong he freze me out 70% lol .. dont matter if little ppl or many .. maybe make that boss to stopp move lol ..and my gear aint all that bad but whit so many ppl killing the bosse's so fast it's rly stupid half off them will gett reward only since it die's to fast? what do u mean making a game like this lol? and gear upprade is hell allot off mats from there .. i find it kinda stupid when 1 using speed hack can facepalm 6 player's and ruind theyr farm .. u made this place for hacker's lol .. w/o those guns they be useless whit hack anyways since most off them have shi.t gear and can't kill 1 shot w/o gun :)
  5. Just another day in SSP

    yess lol .. u need eyes in backhead for noticing where they are gonna gun u from xD lol
  6. Asking for a refund

    well i feel you but sadly u choose to use ur rl money and that's not theyr problem :p u scould now about this problem like 70% player's are complaing daily .. lol
  7. true siren took me 1 week farming lol and i felt it allrdy was hard then and when you look at gear uppgrades now it's like 4 weeks for weap and yea maybe if u spam plain's but my lagg out to bad for even can call it farming there haha
  8. suggestions

    I like this game buuut ... There is 3 thing's that will make this game more playable / better ... if u agree or not is upp to you and we all can agree on my bad english but that's not what this post is about xD 1) Vote kick on online players in party ...I'm so tired off doing instances where 1 person make's the whole runn to not a nice exprement i mean cursing complaning about evrything about how ppl play and even insulting them in rl matter's ... And yea it's an game u can be a jerk if u wan't to but whit the kick im sure these player's will behave better :).... 2) Plains daily . I must say that i hate it .. the daily itself supposed to be 30 min's on somedays it can take me 2 hours to gett completed .. and the amount you need to farm in there for you'r gear is scary when you can't even do the daily fast ... i have 80 fps around 30 player's on a side.. when i hitt the boss 1-2-3 atk then BOOOM and lagg out. and i come to myself when boss is dead and then ofc i wont gett the reward .. so yea this happend's allot and it feels wasted , and yea im aware that some player's dont have this issue but i know many who have it to. I think that can fix this is to add that if you are in party you will gett kill ... i don't mean this for other thing's in game i like it othervise that u need work for reward .. Allso this will help the melee classe's i think many having problem's doing enought dmg before they die or somthing like this .. and ye it's frustrating and it dont make game any nice for us whit this issue . Allso a side note i have asked support team about my lagg and they came whit no good reason so dont need come whit advises on cpu ram or what u can think off since it's not my pc that is problem :P my brother is building computer's for gaming and even he can't understand why my game is like this on my computer we tryd allot .. 3) Account stash= Be Able to trade you'r bound items/gear to alt's this is allso needed D: maybe im alone but im getting boored off playing 1 char only i like switch gameplay xD and role but the amount time i used for gearing main *-* i wont do it twice if you know what i mean xD i dont have that time allso !
  9. Game Crashing when entering server

    yea i have same problem i hade to gett down game allrdy twice.. since there is no way to gett game upp after it for me .. but game take's long to gett back aff its waste off time to play for some days then same problem that's just to anoying . i have playd perfect world seein as i never have hade this problem whit client and logging in is somthing new for me o.o it sure aint a good game when u can't even logg in to play !