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  1. Well, animation cancelling was a bug discovered in... A Street fighter game? (correct me if i am mistaken) and then it was turned in a feature back in the day. Also, in this game we know it's something that has been permitted. Skipping certain content due to a bug/exploit would still count as cheating for another player if that exploiter used non permitted means to gain anything. More if it's discovered he/she still uses it despite knowing it's something that should be reported and not used anymore. I see it as a personal viewpoint the use of that word, really. But for the sake of the argument on the topic at hand, i will use "bannable exploit" now to avoid misunderstandings or future discussions. I am not a "White knight" of any company, there are posts i wrote in the forum stating the wrongs i believe NCsoft has made in the past with other games. It's just common sense, you don't use a bannable exploit and then expect to be free of the consequences. No matter how small or big someone has gained with it.
  2. It's still something you gain through a method it shouldn't be there, cheating. And since cheating it's not allowed in any kind of MMO a player it's expected to behave according to the rules. Why? Today it's Ogong and tomorrow it could be a bigger exploit. Cheating it's cheating, no matter the quantity gained. And for those claiming that this should have been solved earlier, they didn't did it because in the East they have something called "Honor" in their culture and nearly no one exploits this as far as i know. But no, the West playerbase is filled with lazy, greedy exploiters and every kind of monstrosity we saw in the video because "If i can, i will do it". Then the consequences of their actions hit them like a truck without being able to endure the punishment they have earned for themselves. Sigh, i would like to see some of them in SW: Galaxies or FFXI in their better days, they wouldn't pass level 5 without crying in the forums for any reason.
  3. NCSoft, the lies need to stop.

    Nah, this happens in every game really. One thing its the concept art, or the art itself showing the costume and another diferent thing the final result in the game. As Prototypemind said, limitations with the modeling and clipping are the very first culprits so there will always be changes. It's like this image: Where is my energy weapon?!
  4. Just laughed a bit

    I get your point of your P2W concept, being able to reach a certain goal having more gold because you threw 500 bucks away in Ncoin (as an example) its a personal decision and not a requirement. Even if you manage to make more gold than me because of the sub or simply because you can spent more money than i have, eventually i will be able to reach your own status, gear speaking. P2W means literally that if you pay, you will be able to obtain a better weapon through the store or other means not available for a free-user.
  5. Just laughed a bit

    While i share your opinion, i suggest you may calm down a bit :P
  6. Just laughed a bit

    Like every other MMO out there? They have to keep the players busy somehow after they burned all the content (storyline, dungueons, sidequests, you get my meaning) and that usually translates in equipment progression nowadays. That along Raids are the End Game you will encounter in any MMO on the market.
  7. This is getting pretty serious

    As far as i am aware of, this wasn't known in Korea. So yea, after 4 years in the East without noticing our playerbase started looking for glitches and use them. Very sad, if you ask me.
  8. This is getting pretty serious

    And this is WHY the East doesnt care about the West playerbase, because of the retards who look for every chance aviable to rush content even if its due to a bug among other things. At my age and having played a lot of MMO i am still wondering what happens in those people minds. They will say they didnt exploit or use a bug because "it's a feature in the game" and then they will cry in the forums because "They banned me and i did nothing wrong". Is it so difficult to do things like they are meant to and working for a goal?
  9. As KFM you must use you Iframe in good timings, the best as you can. If you can get close to the summoner and stun the 2 of them at the same time and dps hard you are one step closer to win the match.
  10. how over-played will warlock become?

    And i am playing it because of that. I really like Summoner like classes (NO CATS!) and since i learned about the class i have looked the abilities and such... I am going to like it :3
  11. how over-played will warlock become?

    For me it's just a preference over other classes. I have been tank, mage, archer (or Gunner in some places) in some other MMO so i have played a bit of everything. At the end of the day, a class flavored as summoner of the sort it's what calls me the most. First one i picked up was in FFXI and had an unique playstile which i enjoyed a lot of time. Being able to summon a being of other plan and command it to attack... I always loved that.
  12. Warlock NERF

    Well, i have seen vídeos of PvP post-nerf and i didnt saw anything wrong with the class. I will play it first and jugde later.
  13. Well, mostly because that's how the games works nowdays. They tell every bit of information aviable, sometimes treating the player like and idiot. I still remember mmo games when they event didnt tell you who gave any quest or where you could solve it, you had to work and figure it out by yourself, or working with other players. Right now games treats every player like kids of 4 years old.
  14. Warlock NERF

    Did you even test it before openning this thread?