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    Please delete, might repost later in Yura
  3. Competitive: Bongmoon (Zulia)

    Was that you in game? We got a friend request but I assumed it was a bot cuz we got a lot of weird bot requests.. We went to invite you but you aren't Crimson. User made clans are either Crimson Legion or Cerulean Order. The system doesn't allow Ceruleans in Crimson clans
  4. Competitive: Bongmoon (Zulia)

    Crimson Clan Clan Rank: 4, working toward rank 5 Couple-made clan Main toons: trpnballs (me) and Fayana (my bf) We're laid back, friendly and flexible, but we also believe in an eye for an eye. Meaning we treat other players how they treat us.
  5. Looking to join or form a clan

    Looks pretty neat. Are they any requirements? I'm still only around 700 ap but I'm working on it. My husband has made faster progress than me but has no patience for most players in dungeon groups. We're both willing to work with others so long as it's a good environment and people are willing to help in return
  6. Looking to join or form a clan

    me and hubby need a clan, my attempt didn't pick up too well so I'm taking a different approach. We are not very competitive, we just like the game. We're laid back and usually keep to ourselves but would also like some friends to play with, whether clan is big or small. We don't mind if there's competitive players so long as the clan can accept social players. Feel free to hit reply, or you can whisper me in game. Main account: trpnballs alt accounts: theycallmecrybaby diamondblossom
  7. Ok then I guess I can take a hint

    Hey, thanks for the offer! It sounds very tempting, it would just be a shame to scrap a clan with such an epic name. We'll see what happens though. If it cant pick up maybe that's a sign
  8. Crimson Legion Clan - Bongmoon

    Update: Due to the changes all existing clans are listed as "competitive" We can craft things and such and do competitive things but my main focus for this is being social and helping each other out. We'll see where these new chances take us.
  9. Crimson Legion Clan - Bongmoon

    Small clan on the Old Man Cho Server in search of new gaming buddies to play and chat with. We're chill and laid back, but we also believe in an eye for an eye. Meaning we treat players how they treat us. So if you're cool, we're cool. If you're a jackass, we're jackasses. If this is relatable to you free free to send a request. We are friendly, social and helpful. Feel free to send a message or request to my main toon, trpnballs. Looking forward to talking with you. Any questions, feel free to post here or send in game whisper
  10. LF Clan

    Feel free to hit me up. Mine's a pretty new clan that's rank 4, working up to rank 5. It has only a few people but we're always looking for more people, and all can send invites. It's pretty casual and we go our own pace
  11. Old Timers Guild

    Ok that sounds neat, maybe we could like, oppose eachother to both earn tokens or something? Either way teeming up with this guild sounds cool, seems like a fun clan
  12. Advice on soul shields

    I'll keep an eye out, thanks!
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