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    Okay I seriously don't get why people are complaining. "NCsoft lied" blahblahblah. Okay, so sure we didn't get this till 2 days before release. But your complaining for no reason, and i base this off what i've seen/heard in the past few weeks. For people who were already on pirate before the announcement of 50, (which I doubt there's that many). This does not hinder your progress at all. You currently had the gear you needed. For people who rushed Siren > Pirate (and probably the majority of people complaining about this): You're complaining that you were "rushed" to upgrade. Okay but if they didn't do this, would you of gone down the Oathbreaker path, if you knew you had the choice, knowing that it will cost more in the long run? I very much doubt there are many people who would of picked this route, you still would of continued on the path to Pirate, and taken it. In fact, congrats you are now on pirate which means you're still on the most cost effective route, and you have Awakened Pirate. For those on Siren/Profane: This doesn't do anything to you in the long run since if you're already at this stage, you're pretty much better off going Profane>Siren>Pirate. So you people complain about being rushed to Pirate... but yet probably would of taken the pirate path anyway. How is anything that has been changed here for us a bad thing really.