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  1. As the title says, this topic focuses on fighting agaisnt blade dancers. i dont know about you guys but i am having hard tine agaisnt those, specialy when they tab, nothing passes through, i am an agressive kind of a player, I think the destroyer itself is an aggressive character to play, but playing aggressively agaisnt blade dancers isnt realy effective so i tried to play deffensive but didnt go so well. I win around 1/4 matches agaisnt blade dancers and i want at least to win my half mathes agaisnt them. If anyone has some tips/tactics/miracles or whatever please share it with me and the rest of the destroyers. Thanks in advance.

    not at all mate my keyboard is brand new, in fact i used caps in the title to attract more people to my topic which as i see it worked quiet well as for the insults , this is how i express myself adding the f word everywhere just like british people but you dont need to worry about that it was replaced by cricket as you see.... now to remain on topic, what do you do against these crickets, share some of your knowledge sifu remlnx guru of correctional comments