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  1. Error while updating NC Launcher

    similar issue has been happening to me. My characters stopped animating in the combat. I scanned the files > did not change , reset all in game settings > same .... then I gave up and uninstall all game ..... I tried to re-install after clean up the remaining folders from C: .... bumped to this screen around %10 download:
  2. Legendary Elder Soul Shield All Stats !

    I cannot open your JPG pic. Am I the only one having problem ?
  3. Mystic Fire key change

    Just keep posting this was a dumb idea! Actually the Dev ,who is responsible for FM, is totally anti-FM or kind of "no-idea-at-all" type person. I start getting tired of this nonsense changing of the game for FMs! 6 Months ago it was the best PvE support char , now it is ...... ( fill in the blank)
  4. What kind of Developer thought "restrain activation" button can be usable in prior our stun? What kind of stupidity is that? Each time restrained target gets my stun! How could I guess the grabbing char holds the target 1 sec or 8 sec? If they let the target lose ; BAAMMM ! Out only Stun is gone for 36 sec. It is not fun to see sacrificed stun on for example Asura Iruga Boss. Do Not DEVs know there is only 2 CC option for Bosses for FMs? Or Did you promise someone to nerf this class so badly ? You have screwed the best support class in the game to dead!!! Have you not thought to put that some where we do dps like "F"? My judgement of recent update is that You are now %100 eligible to lose a big chunk of nerfed FM players !. I had already changed my main char once, Second option can only be uninstall for me. Bravo! You do best strategy to develop chars. Most chars buffed, but we got only something ( that i cannot tell here) to dig ours !
  5. Haeven'S Mandate reset??? Really?

    The problem is, with new event they present Mandate reset. So What is the point to give as complimentary if it values so less and trick the players with items that have no value? I am OK with cold reset , because I get XP ... But Mandate ???
  6. Haeven'S Mandate reset??? Really?

    I assume you are still suffering to collect these. Currently vet players have more than 300 feathers with more than 50 keys at least ... even if you play casual . Who cares Outfit? If you get one it is done! I have played over 200+ Mandates I have seen only 1 certificate! Drops are horrible . BTW Am I look soo noob That I dont know a sht about drops? Or else are you happy with drops?
  7. What is the reason to reset the H. Mandate? If you got scale ( which is today almost 1g) , you get 1 stinger and one stinky feather = 20s , SO negative asset ! No profit at all. If you want to reset for getting XP =715 XP ; SO Almost No XP !!!!!! (see attachment) What do DEVs and GMs expect from players to buy reset of Mandate from Store? Cold Storage gives at least XP... What does mandate give; I am expecting an serious answer from the managing staff! Are you kidding us or what ?
  8. I just wanna ask something that is confusing for me. DEVs reduced the cost with new " Weapon upgrade Path" . That is understandable. What confuses me is the " additional discount " thing. Is it also permanent or just temporary? (I meant discount with accursed, tormented weapon etc.) ?
  9. you are a joke, slimer. He is right! Casual player has no more chance to farm gold or necessary materials anymore. Everyone screams about it , NCsoft ignores the claim, yet you kiss the bigmama's .ss.
  10. if you get in first 10 try you get it. otherwise it is torture to get from drop. I got 200+ try. there is still nothing. If NCsoft puts it in achievement list, at least give us an option to get it from vendor in the entrance to buy with dungeon tags. - lets say 1K or 2K dreadtide Tags- I 've already thrown more than 2K tags as dispose... This is an absurd RNG achievement.