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  1. Every class has a shorter iframe on their roll so u can cc them while they roll aswell. U seem to be playing for a while now and u still dont know the basics. Try watching some pvp guides or check out some pvp streamers and ask them questions
  2. There is no class that can 100-0 someone reliably in 6v6 with pvp gear...
  3. Babbletron mains DEST not bm. Also i am 100% sure ncsoft doesent balance around what class is beeing played by gms...
  4. So basically nerf every mechanic that ur having trouble with in pvp = balance
  5. Sounds like u want to play sum tbh. The only problem would be that it has low dps and sucks in arena if u want to be competitive Also it might not be fun for u
  6. So if there is a kfm who wins 2 tournaments because he got lucky brackets u think its a good idea to nerf kfms?
  7. U could start by asking top rated players and looking at the matchups vs every class...
  8. Ladder doesent tell anything about class balance most of the time. Since top 1000 or 500 cant even be considerd real pvp players. Also the only reason fm is so low in all ladders is because it has a high learning curve.
  9. Most fms are just bad and expect to get classcarryd like 90% of the bms,warlocks,sums.
  10. Just because its hard it doesent mean the class is bad in toi.
  11. Maybe because 99% of fm players are total shit and dont know how to play fm correctly? Bevv got up to Floor 61 back when he played with way less gear than fms have right now meanwhile the highest eu fm is at stage 56 now.
  12. No way i can test that right now since everyone stopps at 1600 and i cant get any of my underlvld alts hight enough
  13. Sure! just let me look up those people on the ladder. ou wait.
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