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  1. Discuss Poharan's Gender

  2. Discuss Poharan's Gender

    Well, the wiki is editable and we never really know. xDD
  3. Discuss Poharan's Gender

    team trap vs team female A HEATED DISCUSSION
  4. Discuss Poharan's Gender

    that's obviously a mod
  5. isn't it weird Poharan drops a wig? doesn't that make you question on if SHE is really a SHE. Poharan is the final boss of Blackram Supply Chain and people who go xDDDDDDD she's my waifuu!!! <33 :3c that's like like finding out your mom was actually a dude and you were adopted. When you kill Poharan and get HER wig isn't it weird that you get HER hair? it's not like you're PHYSICALLY ripping out her hair out of her scalp. Also, when you look at HER loading screen art SHE has a flat chest ( no offense flat girls :) ) and has a somewhat masculine look. *DISCUSS*