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  1. best to assume its going to be an item drop to bid on
  2. since i looked in game and google and couldnt find the answer what do you have to do to get "shell hath no fury"
  3. under there name is the clan they belong to not a personal title
  4. i know its prob a wait til they release more info about gunner class but is the weapon going to be a single gun dual wield or is it one gun but the class skills display different guns?
  5. 1 do they ever make accessory cost changes like how they do with weapons 2 how do you obtain or get to upgrade your bracelets and belts
  6. how did ncsoft determine what each classes weapon type are. some of them i clearly understand. the one i dont understand is warlock. i mean why a razor and not like a scythe or a staff
  7. im supposed to talk to jakudan at mushins tower F2 to complete the quest but he isnt on F2 is the quest bugged
  8. the game keeps frezzing when im fighting the last boss is this because of server internet or other problem
  9. what is the best way to avoid what ever one shot kills you when u get the augerite down to a certain amount of hp reguardless of what class u are
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